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  1. Makdadddy

    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    90.1, hectiiiik
  2. Makdadddy

    No ATAR

    Hold it there Kralex ya dum dog, I thought he had a law degree? :haha: Anyway, why would anyone bother arguing on here, or anywhere on the internet? Obviously everyone is different... meaning everyone has different circumstances, values and aspirations. In ten years time, no one will give a...
  3. Makdadddy

    Who IS studying for trials and what are you doing?

    I have been lazing about so much :( I try doing past papers and when I finish multiple choice I mark it and it isn't that great so i'm like 'fuck this' *procrastinate* If I counted all the work I did in the holidays I probably could have done it for about 3 solid hours of study, total. How...
  4. Makdadddy

    UAC application number

    Damn foo', how many times do I have to tell you? Do you read my posts? You get it early August. Call up the damn Uni if you're so worried, you obviously don't take the advice you get on here seriously, so stop wasting everyone's time. They will tell you to just leave it blank!
  5. Makdadddy

    UAC application number

    The website says you get your UAC number/pin when you apply through UAC. You can't apply through UAC now, not until early August. For scholarships, you just leave it blank. glhf
  6. Makdadddy

    UAC application number

    Yeah, that's the one. Mine is 8 digits. Haven't got my UAC though... don't think anyone has? :S
  7. Makdadddy

    How do you find out what your school is ranked?

    Holy shit... hahahaha. Why couldn't it mean public? Wow at the ignorance of some private school faggots :haha:
  8. Makdadddy

    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    Germany to win, stuff the English!
  9. Makdadddy

    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    Ajmo Argentina! Argentina to win WC2010 ;) Gotta love Maradona.
  10. Makdadddy

    top five countries to visit :)

    Most of Europe, but probably most interested in Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, France, Greece, Holland and Spain... Croatia is really amazing, it's beautiful :) The islands there are great, and not as commercial as for example the Greek islands. Also, New York was one of the best places I have been...
  11. Makdadddy

    I feel so behind in studying! I'm Panicing!

    I think the stress at Uni really depends on the degree you are doing and how much you are liking it, bUt w0t wUd i n0? shuu bby
  12. Makdadddy

    Around what rank schools are closest to HSC Percentile

    Hi thanks for your reply. However, I am more interested in the relationship between actual subject percentiles internally and HSC Mark percentiles. What was your percentile for each subject and how did it compare to the percentile of that subject in the state? Eg. for maths let's say you...
  13. Makdadddy

    Highest ATAR 2010

    Who knows... who cares...
  14. Makdadddy

    Around what rank schools are closest to HSC Percentile

    Haha thanks for the replies. A dumb question but its kind of misleading. I mean like...sort of a guide, doesn't have to be super accurate like for example: Rank 1-5 School, Last Internally = P90 Externally Rank 50 School, Last Internally = P80 Externally Rank 100 School, Last Internally = P65...
  15. Makdadddy

    Tommykins please read this, i need help

    If you have the chance to go to Advanced, then do it. If not, then it's going to be harder for you. But yeah, even if you get a band 4 you can still get a high ATAR, as long as you do well in other subjects. Play around with this. Here is a little comparison if you get in the top 10% of the...
  16. Makdadddy

    Around what rank schools are closest to HSC Percentile

    Hey, Weird question, but hopefully someone knows. So say if you're in James Ruse and you're ranked 50/100, meaning your percentile is 50. Compared to the state percentile, obviously the percentile would be much higher as James Ruse is a top ranked school so rank 50 is pretty good. So I...
  17. Makdadddy

    Could I get an ATAR of 85?

    Hi, just giving the marks don't really mean anything. You need to provide ranks. What if the test was really easy and a mark of 75 was the lowest in the year? Provide ranks and you can get a much more accurate estimate :)