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    changing your timetable

    So how do I confirm the new customised one? I've selected the option to give me this timetable... is that confirmed?
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    Tutoring- Eastern Suburbs- 99.8 ATAR 2009- Maths 4U, Chemistry, Physics

    Strongly recommend this tutor, very smart and comprehensive
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    Anyone here receive 99.95 atar?

    this is true - should be interesting!
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    Anyone here receive 99.95 atar?

    haha ive felt like such an arrogant prick all week- but then i probably have been one... i would be interested to see some sort of list though, i spose they dont publish one?
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    Anyone got 99+ without tutoring?

    i got 99.95 with no tutoring... i think its more an individual thing though, i spose it really helps some people.. the truth is if your aiming for above 99 youre probably smart enough to do it on your own
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    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    99.95 absolutely over the moon!
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    Question 20?

    I talked about both energy transformations and then 'transfers' in the transformation column i talked about the changes in form of energy i.e. electrical --> light or whatever and in the transfer i talked about the way the voltage was changed via transformers... do you think ill get marked down...
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    Killed by multiple choice?

    Yes pH adjustment occurs AFTER, AT THE END, ONE OF THE LATER PROCESSES BLA BLA BLA BUTTTT this is AFTER chlorination in effect it looks like this pH adjustment --> flocculation --> sedimentation --> chlorination --> pH adjustment
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    how was it

    I was sure that pH adjustment occurred at 2 stages throughout the processes 1. Prior to flocculation this requires pH to be adjusted to basic conditions through the addition of lime or caustic soda, this is the only way flocculation can occur 2. As part of post treatment... however my...
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    Multiple Choice

    I got exactly the same as this except I put B for q.11.... Lime is added in the mixing tank prior to flocculation in order to create alkaline conditions... surely that has to be a correct answer??? also Im sure that any other pH adjustment comes AFTER chlorination since the hypochlorite ion...
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    ok quick last help please

    They're from acidic environment... The 2nd one is just a repeat of the story from Lavoisier-Davy-Arrhenius you know how sometimes they double up in the second column so if you have that information you're fine (Lavoisier- acids were compounds with oxygen Davy- acids had replaceable hydrogens...
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    ahhhh quick HELP!!!

    yep cobalt complex ions Co(H2O)6 +2 + 4Cl - --> CoCl4 -2 + 6H20 (sorry dont know how to do indices) it turns pink on the left hand side and blue on the right hand side you can add chloride ions in the form of HCl and that will shift it to the right, add more water to shift it to the...
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    Sci Fi stimulus

    So everyone seems to have found it so easy, how did you all interpret the stimulus? I saw the first paragraph as the rampant progress of technology and science moves so fast it leaves you behind and the second paragraph the implications of this progress on humans, they have become so...
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    wait what elective do you do?
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    dan want me to send you my notes? theyre 50 pages, dense but a lot more compact than most ~ fairly detailed though btw thanks for the essay q search hahah
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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    Everyone seems to love the exam so much, I didnt mind it, the essay was more straight forward than I thought but im still worried my interpretation of 'technology' and 'morality' may be too broad even though my thesis was the inverse relationship between scientific and technological progression...
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    3 set texts...

    I do realise that 'at least' means minimum but in terms of the minimum teachers must teach us (i.e. 2) that could mean thats all theyre allowed to test us on... oh well only tomorrow will tell
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    Thoughts on Ext English Exam

    It's so comforting to see that at least everyone else has also given up on english extension... I HATE CREATIVE WRITING.. especially sci fi creative writing, as nerdish as this sounds im almost excited for the essay i really enjoy analysing sci fi just not writing it, I have one story if it...
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    3 set texts...

    So I was talking to my teacher today and she showed me a bit in the syllabus where it said they must learn 'at least two' meaning I think that they cant ask three?
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    bothe and becker

    you need to know about as much as you have written in this post, bothe and becker conducted experiments where alpha particles were fired at beryllium which then produced this new penetrating 'radiation' You could then add that Curie and Joliet discovered that this radiation could knock protons...