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    PASS leader

    Hugo! lol awesomeness :)
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    PASS leader

    Hey! Your stalking skills are spot on . . . hahah :P But mine are obviously whacked coz I can't figure out who you are! So sorry!
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    LOL Roger! dude I love your posts . . . I've always wondered who "whoisyourdaddy" was ahhaaa...

    LOL Roger! dude I love your posts . . . I've always wondered who "whoisyourdaddy" was ahhaaa i've been attending too many parties, i'm tired of it. i'm still waiting for the day where I don't have to think about going anywhere, or work. doing anything interesting these holidays? btw what...
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    PASS leader

    I agree; I was merely pointing out that scholarships and marks are not the sole criteria they seek. I found that I was able to talk about plenty of extra curricular involvement in my application.
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    PASS leader

    I got a PASS Interview for Eco - they were definitely not interested in whether I had scholarships, had a HD average, etc etc I think the fact that I do Law worked against me, because they became concerned about whether I had the time to take on PASS commitments :S They spent most of their...
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    WANTED: English Advance & Chemistry Tutor Campbelltown Region

    Hey Melly I'm an English tutor in your region, check out my tutoring thread in my signature and PM me if you're interested =)
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    thankyou keith =) I chose UNSW based on three things. Firstly - Good Universities Guide - ranked UNSW Law as the best across Australia, comparing in terms of many different factors. Secondly, I just felt more comfortable at UNSW. The degree is for 5 years, so I think at that length of time "the...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    haha i'm an economics tutor, and i've got alot of students from BoS. which is why i'm still here on occasion =) its a hypothetical economy, so anything is possible.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    using 130 as the base year, real GDP for year 1 = 6000/130 x 130 = 6000 real GDP for year 2 = 6800/150 x 130 = 5893 which is still a decline in real GDP. and hence its C. ps I'm studying Economics at uni. if you use the calculations you've used to get answer A, you're essentially no longer...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    the formula for real GDP is in fact: CPI base year --------------------- x GDP CPI current year it doesn't matter whether you use 100 or 130 as your base year for this question, so long as you are consistent with it. either way, you should find that real GDP has declined in the following...
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    Any Tips for Q9 and Q10 in HSC

    - like lyounamu has stated, these problems are really about understanding the problem they've given you, and INTERPRETING it in a mathematical manner. Best way to get the hang of this? Just practice. Keep doing past Q10's. - they generally involve alot of algebra, so perfecting your...
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    PMed you Jennx =)

    PMed you Jennx =)
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    Creating Writing Stimulus/Question

    the stimulus just has to be used in a way that it is significant to the story, but not necessarily the central idea.
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    Questions about Stimulus booklet

    There is no stimulus booklet for belonging. There used to be a journeys stimulus booklet for the old AOS, but they scrapped it in 2008. So don't stress.
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    TWO or THREE Related Texts for Essay??

    +1. Always ALWAYS do the minimum, it gives you more time and space to look at these texts in detail and depth
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    creative writing

    i think you've got a brilliant story idea OP. perhaps focus on the different settings and highlight how different they are to the adopted girl. Good descriptions, dialogue and flair should do it.
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    Tensions between belonging and not belonging

    it could also be asking you about the choice to belong or not belong - should you fit in, or stand out from the crowd? its hard to tell what exactly they're asking without those short answer texts.
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    my belonging story

    you write well in terms of description x_symphonic, but you must be wary that teachers are also looking for 2 other key things: - an ability to develop characters and a story - a strong focus on the concept of belonging your story doesn't really develop the character/s much, and seems to try...
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    long response question for belonging comprehension

    this. although you'd probably get 2 marks allocated to techniques, and the other two allocated to thematic concerns/explanation + link to the concept of belonging.
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    Practice papers and how my mark will end up

    depends on the difficulty of the hsc exam this year, and how you perform on the day. but generally if that's what you're getting, then that may be the percentage you get on the real exam . . . only it will probably get scaled to something else (higher/lower). probably shouldn't worry about...