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  1. gnrlies

    Any textbooks in electronic format?

    I dont know why u r all surprised. you only want the pdf because you dont want to pay! Why should they make it easy for you? Teachers are also the worst pirates as well. Dixon and riley are niche books that students go out and buy.
  2. gnrlies

    Any textbooks in electronic format?

    HSC publishers would not make their textbooks available in PDF because then no-one would need to buy them... You would all share them with each other costlessly. Books with a niche market are rarely made available electronically.
  3. gnrlies

    Asap eco help !

    Really this was something Australia needed to do to improve our international competitiveness. Prior to the 1980's / 90's Australia had one of the more regulated labour markets in the world. Centralised wage determination essential meant that everyone across an industry got the same wage...
  4. gnrlies

    What exactly does "recent" mean? e.g. for U/e or economic growth

    depends what you are talking about, but to me, recent can be up to a few years for something like economic growth. i mean if you are talking about recent trends in unemployment you are going to want to talk about some of the structural factors which necessarily go beyond the last year or so.
  5. gnrlies

    Distribution of income and wealth

    RBA is a statutory authority... It is part of govt. Not entirely relevant to dist of y and wealth, but could talk about it in context of two speed economy? Inany event the reason why not to talk abt it is not due to its independence.
  6. gnrlies

    External Stability - is the Tim Riley book good at explaining this?

    Dear Swifty, External stability is can be thought of, broadly speaking, as a package of policy concerns relating to Australia's economic relationship with the rest of the world. In terms of the HSC course, a number of issues come to mind: Balance of payments Foreign debt (including...
  7. gnrlies

    Economics help

    Infrastructure exists to allow the economy to work. It can be physical (such as roads, ports, rail) or it can be metaphysical (legal, education levels etc). It can be privately funded (such as a rail line to a mine), or funded through government spending (such as roads). Government spending on...
  8. gnrlies

    Watching Budget on TV

    Tomorrow yes. It is a good lesson in politics and fiscal policy in practice - so of course it is a good idea to pay attention to it. That being said the media coverage will be more useful to you than the Treasurer's speech. The AFR usually do a very good coverage on the following day...
  9. gnrlies

    Micro/Marco economic reform

    The first step here is to make a distinction between macro and microeconomics. Microeconomics is all about economic principles - things like you should continue to produce goods and services until marginal benefit = marginal cost (i.e. the benefit from doing something should be more than...
  10. gnrlies

    price mechanism

    While for the purposes of exams nice one liners a great, but would discourage you from limiting your understanding of the price mechanism to a nice sentence for the purposes of regurgitation. It is useful to think about how prices affect decisions as much as it is useful to think about how...
  11. gnrlies

    Factors effecting Economic Growth 2012

    Start with Y=F(CIGXM) and go through each of those providing a few anecdotal stories you have read from newspapers and any data you have come across, for example: 'In April 2012, China announced lower than expected growth at 8.1% which could potentially impact on Australia's commodity exports.'...
  12. gnrlies

    Terminology question

    Well, Transparency = clear, something you can see, not hidden Free trade negotiations = two countries negotiating a liberalization of restrictions with respect to trade between those two nations (tariffs etc). So basically trade negotiations that do not take place behind closed doors.
  13. gnrlies


    Well great for you~! Good to see that you have mastered economics and that you know everything you could ever need to know... Also good to see people adding value to other peoples post.
  14. gnrlies


    Study economics because it you will enjoy it, not because it is easy or hard. If you find it easy, it means you aren't challenging yourself by exploring harder concepts. If you find it hard then it means that you are learning and that is a good thing.
  15. gnrlies

    Essay Questions Help

    My suggestion would be to look at the syllabus and your text book to get an idea of some key themes, then have a go yourself at listing some potential things to discuss, and then someone on here can give you further suggestions or help you to refine your ideas.
  16. gnrlies

    What is Prelim Economics actually meant to consist of?

    Well no actually what was in your test is quite different from the HSC course, certainly in terms of the actual reference you have just provided. MPC, leakages and injections etc are principles that are explored in the preliminary course. The major difference, and it is quite a significant...
  17. gnrlies

    Economics Answering Technique in Exams

    I would definitely emphasize that determining how much information is required, based on the marks, is important. In addition, for a second, put yourself into the mind of the examiner - what kind of answer are they looking for and what is the question getting at? Usually it will refer quite...
  18. gnrlies

    Economies and their Similarities and Differences

    Not to mention that chinas NBS is fairly credible eliminating the premise of these concerns
  19. gnrlies

    Can someone please help me with this syllabus dot point? (Topic 2)

    A more generalised response would be that the $AUD is essentially a kind of price. As with the regular supply / demand setup, you can have different causes of a change of price. Supply and demand shifts will impact on prices as we know. For example the mining boom is a demand shift leading...
  20. gnrlies

    Multiple Choice question!

    Deswa1 gives a great answer on the GST and why it is regressive (not absolutely so, but more than likely). Qantas question is a dud, but I suspect they are suggesting that it will increase exports and is therefore a credit on the current account. Dividend payments are a net income transfer...