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    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    inb4 you just bombed the paper LOL my friend was close to full marks in assessments and attendance and just scrapeed a D too. Maybe they just didnt scale it?
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    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    I got 73 overall in TABL and skipped a few of the short answers + did pretty shit in the essays. I didn't remember the names of the cases so I just described them lol "the snail in bottle case about negligence" is how I referred to cases :( defs get your marks checked because I was sitting...
  3. Z

    screwed up real bad.

    lol I got my atar 3 years ago, i cant remember how it works nah it's fine, civil engineering at unsw has an official cut off of ~91, so if you did well in maths and phys im sure you'll get in with bonus points if you get a raw atar of ~85
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    screwed up real bad.

    what was your atar if you dont mind me asking?
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    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    Re: 2015 Sem 2 Pre-Results Thread last sem or did you just get results?
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    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    my z pass is 34- and i got it at 6:30 last sem y u do this unsw
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    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    :bomb: ^i feel like this right now...work tomorrow so i cant even check
  8. Z

    Test and compare your internet speed

    this is in the main library looks like it's time to study in the mechanical building :P
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    Girls/Guys ratio for Civil Engineering UNSW

    there are no more than 5 girls in any given civil engineering class out of about 30 students? not bad ratio
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    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    i'm secretly hoping I get mad staff discounts so I have an excuse to buy this really really expensive thing i've been vying for for a while. But maybe you already know that? Not going to openly admit it to you though ^_^
  11. Z

    Girls & Guys: how much do you weigh?

    160cm and nearly 47 kg :( so sad, I need to stop pigging out and get back down to 45kg, starting to get plump around the waist :'(
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    CVEN2501- Rekt. Don't be mislead by getting full marks during the semester during assessments, study content because the final is a killer MATH2019- actually easier than first year maths, you don't really need to try until you get to maybe the last 2 weeks of lectures (I fucked up heat equations...
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    Presents for your significant other

    the guy for me, the jacket for my bf ;)
  14. Z

    Presents for your significant other

    Just purchased this. I hope he likes it!