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    Questions for asians specifically- Would you date an indian?

    They're not even mutually exclusive? Lol
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    Adelaide University MBBS Interview Experience

    can't give much info for obvious reasons, but i'll run through the basics. 2 x 15 mins stations. 1 station personal questions, (motivation for med, interests, stuff about yourself etc.) 1 station responding to a scenario (and a few other questions here about yourself) before each station there...
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    UWS 2015/16 Interviews

    With your current marks, JCU, and possibly UQ (They give ATAR bonus points for certain things - check this up) If you can end up boosting your ATAR to about 99, you should get interviews at UNSW, Monash, Adelaide in the 2nd round. (but only just)
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    UWS 2015/16 Interviews

    Pretty unlikely :( My friend got 61/60/63 (93%) last year, non-GWS, no interview
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    Possible to get a band 1?

    considering it pops up on your academic record containing your band performance on every subject, would not recommend
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    How much weighting is put towards UNSW Application Form?

    Getting an interview is based entirely on umat/predicted atar(1st round) or umat/atar (2nd round). [or GPA] The application form is not considered, although once you get into the interview room it's obviously going to matter a lot as many of the questions they ask are shaped around information...
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    Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Attached is my technique list

    Re: Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Free upcoming seminar at Parrama I don't think I missed the point, I was merely opting for more transparency in the sharing of opinions and experiences so people know what to expect from a service. The rest of your post is fair enough...
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    Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Attached is my technique list

    Re: Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Free upcoming seminar at Parrama Understandable, but on a forum page allowing comments on a service, people should be allowed to express whatever opinion they have on a tutor - whether good or bad. I think your attitude hasn't really changed...
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    Likelihood they ask for 2 related texts?

    Just make your second text a visual, that makes writing it up easier (literally just need to memorise the picture in your head and a few techniques) and also won't push the word count too high compared to say another written text or a film
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    Entry into Undergraduate Medicine - standard non-rural applicants from NSW

    Bump! Updated for 2015 :) (sorry I can't provide info for non-standards, it's much harder to determine for many unis since you have to factor in GPAs as well)
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    UNSW, UWS, JMP, UTAS all require separate applications Monash, UAdel, Flinders, UQ, Griffith, do not.
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    jmp, uws definitely. adelaide not first round, (need around 95 UMAT) and will need a higher atar for second round (it is highly competitive for interstaters here!) monash only gives second rounds for interstaters and the interview requirement is similar to unsw.
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    unsw no chance, unless you boost your real atar close to 99. (to get a 2nd round interview) uws, jmp, i need to know your breakdown
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    80th percentile Down from 98th last year Looks like prep actually does help hahahaha
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    Assessing my options

    Of course you can, any student in year 12 or post year-12 can sit the UMAT. The other option is GAMSAT, which will probably be tougher considering your non-science background
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    The Tennis Thread

    MEN's SEMIS tomorrow, starting at 7am AEST. Djokovic vs Cilic first up, followed by Federer vs Wawrinka. (both on Arthur Ashe ) Djokovic and Federer are pretty heavy favourites according to bookmakers, I expect both matches to be closer than predicted though. Going with Djokovic in 5, with the...
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    Medicine Written Application Review FREE!

    Ironically the better their 50 word statement, the less they probably need your application help.
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    Why are there so few selective high in Melbourne?

    Looking at the school rankings for Melbourne you can note two things: a) the top private schools do better in Melb b) there are many more comprehensive schools almost as good as the selective schools. The simple answer is that the average comprehensive school is simply better, so selective...
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    Post Trials Atar Estimate

    I'm gonna have to be conservative and go high 98's. At a top 5 school, median atar is probably low 98's, OP looks to be above the median by a small-mediumish amount (yes i know, 4U scales better than others) so i'd go high 98's.
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the reassurance. Monash is pretty strict with their marking so a fairly large number have to sit supplementaries every year. (and around 10-15 go on to repeat the year) My communication skills aren't great but it's something I'm trying to improve through practice and various...