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  1. Galapagos

    What are you currently Reading?

    I hold no sympathy
  2. Galapagos

    How interactive will tutorials be?

    omg no! how awful. your life is ruined.
  3. Galapagos

    What are you currently Reading?

    Finished 'The Firm' (meh) and 'One L' (was OK). Now I'm halfway through 'Letters to a Law Student'.
  4. Galapagos

    HELP on Enrolment

    Mine isn't up either, and I've been enrolled for at least 2 weeks for my subjects. Sooooo yeah
  5. Galapagos

    2014 Autumn Semester Timetable (UTS)

    I walked through there about 8pm yesterday and day before and it was fine. Heaps of people around (getting in my way, making me late for my train, sigh). Don't know about 9 though. If you are seriously worried though I found out that on-campus security does escorts to the station HAHA!
  6. Galapagos

    Student Card

    Cool. I just got an e-mail stating that I will receive it in the mail this week. Take that naysayers.
  7. Galapagos

    Student Card

    greaaaaat. I went to one of the earliest and that's what they said!!!
  8. Galapagos

    What to bring to Uni

    It entirely depends on your lifestyle: will you be taking your lunch or eating on campus? Will you be taking notes with pen/paper or with you tablet or laptop? Will you need both? Will you take textbooks? All these things are up to you. What the person said above is actually a really good tip...
  9. Galapagos

    2014 UTS BSoc - O-Camp - Membership - Facebook!

    Sorry?? LOL. Sorry UTS has some decency in its conduct. haha
  10. Galapagos


    Actually I recommend buying them if you can afford them. Provided you actually read them they WILL be of some use to you. Considering most people are like the person above, you will be at an advantage for reading them. Of course, they are optional for a reason - you don't need them to pass. But...
  11. Galapagos

    Student Card

    I was told the card would be mailed out to me sometime February........
  12. Galapagos

    The Breaking Bad Thread

    I loooooove breaking bad. Probably one of the BEST tv shows EVER. My fave character was Jessie...then probably Hank. I kinda hate how much of an asshole Walter turned into near the end...I felt like punching the tv to knock some damn humility into him. Oh yeah and Skyler was a massive bitch.
  13. Galapagos

    Taking notes in Lectures: Laptops vs Paper. Discuss.

    Writing with pen and paper forces you to engage with the content of the lecture, because you have to be selective in what you write down. If you're worried about your perfectionism getting in the way, use shitty paper and re-write and summarise your notes later on in a more permanent fashion...
  14. Galapagos


    I've got most of these already ;) A quick tip - have a look at 2nd hand textbooks on studentvip, that is where I got a few texts for a quarter of the price. And look out for e-book versions if you have an ipad or other e-reading device.
  15. Galapagos

    Is it possible to do two degrees at once?

    Wow, I was actually considering that degree out of mere interest. I honestly couldn't give a shit about the ATAR cut-off. I would have done that if I had not done law. You sir are the arrogant one.
  16. Galapagos

    Is it possible to do two degrees at once?

    Going on your own is pretty tough on youth allowance. I agree that you should do whatever you want to at uni, but it seems like you kind of need your parents at this stage, at least for a cheap place to stay until you can get on your feet and support yourself. IMO do business at UWS (potentially...
  17. Galapagos

    Full time Uni AND full time work?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you are the exception, not the rule. Most people can't handle that AND get decent marks.
  18. Galapagos

    Breaking the law or: how I learned to stop worrying and dressing like a 14 year old

    Re: Breaking the law or: how I learned to stop worrying and dressing like a 14 year o OP: you will get caught by campus security and potentially get in the shit for tresspassing. If you're willing to do all this, then you should be able to handle speaking with your parents.
  19. Galapagos

    Full time Uni AND full time work?

    I have to say you are nuts if you think you can study AND work full-time, especially with science subjects.
  20. Galapagos

    Lost in which offer to accept?

    From my own research I have concluded that ANU is also very competitive re: international studies. What are you planning to do with the degree?