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  1. Binky

    Getting Layed at Skoolies?

    well its not like parents like their kids doing it at home so being with someone gives u a good opportunity at schoolies.
  2. Binky


    it's HECS not HEX.
  3. Binky

    Japanese Ext

    it took me ages cos i didn't recognise the extract. also i couldn't find the word for 'sibling' in my dictionary which pissed me off big time!! i had this dream last night that it was the night before my extension japanese exam and i woke up looking for my jap notes to study from!!! scary...
  4. Binky

    My boyfriend thinks I'm fat

    ok i've had another think about what you said... no girl should be made to feel second best. you don't get into a relationship and treat them like fucking dirt.. sorry i'm just sort of not in a good mood but yeah, that's wrong what he's doing.
  5. Binky

    Locus problems

    Just thought i'd point out here you don't actually need to complete the square... i find this way easier, so have a think about it... ok first find the axis of symmetry with: -b/2a then sub that y value in and get its x value and then you have your coordinates of the vertex, then just stick...
  6. Binky


    Just a minute.. that's not loan repayments, that's investments. loan repayments have M(bla bla bla) sorta thing
  7. Binky

    just did couple past papers and i got 2/24 for questions 9 and 10

    that's how i feel :( i can't handle this shit anymore! my highest mark for any question in the trial was 6/12! i got 31% as my final mark and i studied for hours! there's just too much to remember. that's my theory.
  8. Binky

    Naughtiest place you've done the deed...

    Hahahahaa.... ive been in there as a little kid. I'd be terrified of someone ripping the curtain open! I suppose the only place i can say is in my car on a fire trail. Really not very naughty at all. Oh and at home on the sofa when everyone was working in the office downstairs.
  9. Binky

    girl on girl

    "Remember, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" hehe just a quote i remember from Strange Bedfellows. I know it's not about lesbians but yer.
  10. Binky

    Interracial relationships

    i see that ALL the time. My dad's one of them. I work in Eastwood, and i always see a bloke in his fifties with an Asian woman in her thirties or something like that. Maybe they like a financially secure older guy? Maybe caucasian guys are generally nicer to Asian girls?:P
  11. Binky

    WHERE did you lose your virginity?

    how did you manage that :P the idea of public sex doesn't do it for me! lol
  12. Binky

    first time

    it does lol it's probably not dangerous to bleed the first time but after that it shouldn't happen anymore. i still get a bit sore in the abdomen type area every time. the first time is never the best time. if you love the bloke and he loves you then chances are it will get alot better...
  13. Binky

    Anyone in the same position??

    just do it otherwise you'll never know how she feels about you. if she says yes then great!! and if she doesn't that's ok too cos there are plenty of girls out there.
  14. Binky

    going down there...

    i don't blame him. it doesn't exactly taste nice.
  15. Binky

    My boyfriend thinks I'm fat

    mine's been a bit mean over the last couple of weeks too, and yes i have put on weight lately because of stress, and yes he has said stuff which he insisted was a joke later his family sound like bitches. stay away from them, i would. just wait until after the hsc, if this is still...
  16. Binky

    Stuck?? Probability Question

    ok some people are saying it's 1/5x 1/4 + 1/5x 1/4 others are saying it's just 2/5x 1/4 both equal 1/10 which one is it?????
  17. Binky

    Stuck?? Probability Question

    so what about doubling it then? whaatt i'm so confused fuck i'm gonna give up soon lol
  18. Binky

    Stuck?? Probability Question

    well in terms of getting a tie, the number would have to be both even and over six, and with the numbers you've been given (1,2,3,4,5) you would have to add 5 + 3 to get 8 (the only number that could be a tie). so the chance of one of those cards (the 3 or 5) being pulled the first time would...
  19. Binky

    Stuck?? Probability Question

    god, how the hell do you do that? i'm stuck on a probability question at the moment too, it's enough to bring you to tears. i'm just about ready to give up on probability.
  20. Binky

    throwim way leg/the golden age

    read all the preface and first sections of the book, that is all about historical and cultural context, as well as personal context (ie Louis Nowra's personal notes at the beginning)