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  1. Jase

    Space Help!!!

    Did you use mass of earth as the M and (6400+2300) km as the radius (after converting to metres).
  2. Jase

    Favourite YouTube video

    all collegehumour stuff + itsjustsomerandomguy stuff e.g. Point of View: Guy stuck in history Class and Awkward Rap Also.. for some self-promotion, these are videos made for the Sydney Uni Medicine Revue: Break Even Music Video Parody Jizz in my Scrubs
  3. Jase

    Resistance! In motors

    The resistance of the wire does not change. It is a set value depending on the following factors: length of the wire, cross-sectional area, temperature and material. What really happens is current increases when voltage increases because of that fact the resistance must remain constant. This is...
  4. Jase

    BCS theory

    That's probably a correct interpretation actually. Perhaps I would be wrong to say that they move in precisely the same direction.. but all in all it is simply a very very simplifed visual model. What textbooks are trying to do is to explain something complex at the level of a high school...
  5. Jase

    BCS theory

    The post by tommykins is a pretty good explanation already. Electrons in a cooper pair do not 'travel' in opposite directions. Maybe you were reffering to two electrons having opposite 'spins'. As wogblogger said, the spins of the two electrons can combine so that the overall spin on the pair...
  6. Jase

    Calorimetry Question

    Re: 回复: Calorimetry Question Don't quote me on this but i think its because the calorimeter is insulated from the surroundings. Any measurements on heat wont be accurate if heat energy is escaping into the surroundings.
  7. Jase

    Help with my trials preparation !

    this is probably a bit late since the exam is over .. but for your future reference For 1 and 3.: 1) advance technology telescope - I assume this relates to the technology used in telescopes to overcome problems in resolution such as atmospheric distortion. There are three main...
  8. Jase

    net force

    Yes. All orbiting objects have a net force. This force is provided by gravity. There is no other force opposing gravity hence the object will accelerate according to newton's law F = ma. This acceleration is directed to the centre of a circle. The reason it doesn't CRASH into the centre is...
  9. Jase

    Net Force On Rocket.

    Hi, I'm, a little confused by that equation you posted. Newton's law is net Force = ma the 'a' means acceleration. This acceleration already takes into account the effect of gravtiy (hence NET force). Thus the net force of any rocket is simply F = ma. However.. the formula the HSC uses...
  10. Jase

    Examination Results Semester II, 2006

    woo. BCHM 2972 Human Biochemistry (Advanced) 87.0 High Distinction PHSI 2906 Integrated Physiology B (Advanced) 88.0 High Distinction PHYS 2912 Physics 2B (Advanced) 83.0 Distinction SCTP 2862 Science Talented Student Project 94.0 High Distinction
  11. Jase

    Guys with Creativity

    i thought creative meant "romantically creative". what do you do to keep a relationship fun.
  12. Jase

    solar cells argh :@

    It's like. first you put together a P type and an N type. P type has lotsa holes. N types has electrons. When you first put them together (at the junction only) -> electrons from the N-type jump into the P type and fill up the holes. This makes the N-type positively charged and the P-type...
  13. Jase

    2004 CSSA Trials Q18

    First assume that the 'source of light' isn't from the lightning actually hitting the train and causing new radiation. The flash is from the lightning itself. In this case, assuming that A and B are at the same distances away from both bolts: Observer A sees the the front of the train get...
  14. Jase

    Having crushes with someone YOUNGER THAN YOU??? OMG

    13.5? ahahaahahahhahahahaaha. that's like puberty right?
  15. Jase

    Asian guys going out with non-asian girls?

    Do asian guys ever find indian girls attractive? Also, do caucasian's generally find asian guys attractive at all? I know everyone digs asian chicks.. but it doesn't seem to work for the male population very well. It seems as if there are just so many more good looking asian girls than guys...
  16. Jase


    what the.. that's certainly not in the syllabus. I don't think doping a conductor would make much difference to it's conductivity.
  17. Jase

    anybody here tutor??

    kid is in yr7. i would relax and try and make the lessons as fun and interactive as possible. ask him to analyse his favourite books (if any?) i.e. in the english way -> language tools, structure, symbols.. e.t.c. history is fun.. just tell stories.
  18. Jase

    Results: Semester 1, 2006

    y'argh so close to straight HDs BCHM 2071 Protein Biochemistry 84.0 Distinction PHSI 2905 Integrated Physiology A (Advanced) 88.0 High Distinction PHYS 2911 Physics 2A (Advanced) 85.0 High Distinction SCTP 2861 Science Talented Student Project 95.0 High Distinction i think wam for...
  19. Jase

    !--> Doping Help Please<--!

    semiconductors are not used 'in place' of conductors. you could not make a diode or a transistor with a bunch of conductors. the whole point of doping semiconductors is to give them electrical properties (holes and electrons) which allow solid state devices to be made (placing N-types and...
  20. Jase

    Semiconductors investigation

    hmm.. i suggest using chinese checkers of some sort. or you could poke holes in cardboard and use marbles.