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  1. absta

    Usyd V Unsw

    I do Biomed Eng at Usyd (first year), and i'm finding it pretty good so far. There's not much 'hands on' work atm, there's still a lot of theory at this stage, to introduce us to the basic concepts i guess. Like someone else said, the biomed eng course at usyd is a four year full degree...
  2. absta

    BoS USyders 2006! (Roll Call)

    Re: BoS USyders 2006! BE Mechanical (Biomedical) I
  3. absta


    I find that Hestia Sports bras are the best for both support and comfort
  4. absta

    Supp Texts - Imaginative

    I used the short film, Australian Summer, the winner of Tropfest 2005, directed by Luke Eve. It's really super for imaginative journeys.
  5. absta

    spicks and specks

    Hamish is really really really hot I love when they play the game where they have to draw the song title..thats my fave
  6. absta

    German Extension

    that was reeeaaallly good i did 4 pages for the last qstn, i did the speech..everyone in my class of six did that one, because we were really thorough with the whole women thing. but yeah, i think that was my best exam
  7. absta

    German Extension HSC Predictions

    yeah i remember that, but i don't remember her saying anything about the studded tyres being for icy roads..maybe i wasn't listening properly btw, i havnt done many more essays since the ones i showed you during the trials but come on msn and we can go through the practice ones we've done at...
  8. absta

    German Extension HSC Predictions

    really? my teacher told us that it was to drive faster, to get away from the accident, but now that i think about it what you said makes more sense
  9. absta

    German Extension HSC Predictions

    The woman's saying to her husband, "Why else did my father actually buy you studded tyres?". She's telling him to drive faster. Studded tyres apparently make your car travel faster so she's sort of using that as justification to get away from the accident as fast as possible..because she...
  10. absta

    German Extension HSC Predictions

    what do you mean by form? the first qstn is usually a passage from a story n they ask you qstns relating to that passage and story second qstn is another story...you usually have to write a diary entry/letter/ conversation between characters of another story third bit is a choice between...
  11. absta

    German Extension HSC Predictions

    What does everyone think the essay questions will be about? Because I have no clue.. And also, with the questions for the stories.. do you think they'll ask Emma for the english response and Spag for 2 for the german response? Because those are the only ones that havn't been done for...
  12. absta

    fess up...who likes BIO?

    i love bio, i don't understand how anyone could hate it..it's like the most interesting subject at school
  13. absta

    What instrument do you play?

    i actually play something not on the list...its a south indian classical instrument called the veena ..a bit lyk the sitar..i love it! :D ive also learnt to play the keyboard and violin..and would looove to learnt to play the drums..oh yeah and i sing
  14. absta

    probability qstn

    ok i get that, but would you maybe have to multiply the whole thing by 3 to account for MISS which each of the 3 different I's?
  15. absta

    probability qstn

    In how many ways can the word S I M P L I F I E S be arranged in which the word M I S S will appear? im not sure wat the right answer is..but this qstn really confuses me
  16. absta

    past trial qstn

    lovely, thanks so much but you made a tiny silly mistake when calculating the triangle area..
  17. absta

    past trial qstn

    dont have the answer or working out...how did you get that?
  18. absta

    past trial qstn

    A train is travelling at a constant velocity of 80 km per hour as it passes through the railway station at town. At the same time, a second train commences its journey from rest at the railway station. The second train accelerates uniformly for 15 minutes until it reaches 100 km per hour and...
  19. absta

    Binomials- greatest coefficient

    thank you :)
  20. absta

    Binomials- greatest coefficient

    i hate binomials two different textbooks are telling me that T r+1 / T r < 1 and T r+1/ T r ≥1 ...which one's correct?!?!?!