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  1. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    general cafs thoughts

    lol so true. its so much general knowledge + bullshit. but they also trick you by writing two possible answers but saying whats the most relevant or whatever.
  2. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    multiple choice.

    answers anyone? im pretty sure i got heaps wrong...in multiple choice anyway. they were a bit tricky some of them. i got: 1.a 2.d 3.d 4.d 5.c 6.c 7.b 8.b 9.a 10.d
  3. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    How is everyone preparing for the exam on tuesday?

    reading the textbook =] and falling asleep...
  4. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    general cafs thoughts

    lol yeah it is pretty logical. and i did hospitality too so i know all about communication [as if i didnt know anyway] and about work. ive been reading the text book all day and seriously, i fell asleep. but they may have been coz i only got 7 and a half hours sleep last night... oh and btw...
  5. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    general cafs thoughts

    lol my class was alright, but sometimes we did absolutly nothing and it was just a waste of time. or all we did was copy from overheads... sometimes we would get some task to do on the computers and we all just went on and played tetris lol coz our teacher would leave the room and not come...
  6. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    general cafs thoughts

    theres a normal cafs forum? wow shows how much i know... but then again i did only join on thursday...
  7. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    general cafs thoughts

    haha cafs is so boring to study! i havnt picked up a book on it yet... i have to do a few things today but im still in my pjs LOL. but when im finished that ill study. ill probbaly just end up reading the textbook.
  8. -vicki.VICIOUS-


    no no that wasnt my point. i think the hsc is fine, whatever its just another exam for me with more stress. i can understand it. i dont think the HSC is stupid, but i just think its wrong to assume everyone made more friends this year or stronger friendships. almost every speech by teachers at...
  9. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    general cafs thoughts

    i saw that no-one had started a thread even though its tomorrow!!! maybe there just arent any ppl doing this subject. but if there are...how are u going studying? cramming? i am. well i will be... etc. etc.
  10. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    SPARTA- Lycurgus question?

    i dont think i went very well in this but ill tell you wat i wrote anyway. we didnt learn much on him either and the only stuff i know was stuff from the revision booklets that last yrs year 12 made up. i was like "he made most stuff [except i didnt say stuff] for example the agoge...etc."...
  11. -vicki.VICIOUS-


    yeah my trials q was something about breakfast service in a hotel. so that was good. and yeah 4 pages was so crap!!!! i was writing and i didnt realise until i was finished a booklet! i was like"SHIT" put my hand up. then a girl in the next row turned around and looked at me with a shocked...
  12. -vicki.VICIOUS-


    LOL. agreed! so what about the ppl that didnt have friends for the last year? i had the worst falling out of all time in year 11 that had a massive ripple effect that turned into everyone but one person hating me. well not liking me enough to talk to me anyway. at the start of this year me...
  13. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    lol just went back on this and found some interesting stuff. yeah i wrote something like "herculaneum had a grid pattern, as far as we can tell since only a few blocks have been excavated bcoz of the modern city on top of it"" well i guess i failed that bit lol.
  14. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    streetscapes are only easy if u studied them!!! i didnt remember the names of main streets =[ and i dont think i wrote anything u said i shoulda... i wrote something about them being two story, in a grid pattern, hellenistic style, mixture on ionic and donic architecture. although im pretty...
  15. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    Will i get a mark?

    yeahh all u needed was "the eruption" well i hope anyway coz thats all i wrote LOL. the first marks are always give away ones so u should get it.
  16. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    Section III - Personalities

    OMG I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did him too. [thats what she said] i blabbed on about how hes the sole connection between aten and the ppl, and then i wrote stuff on how his pictures are in their houses and stuff. i dont think ill get very good... and i didnt look at building program...
  17. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    Section II - Societies

    it was interesting to see a q on lycurgus. i wouldnt say it was good...but interesting. lucky i skimmed over that this morning ey?! i was so happy to see a helot question. i was cheering! whoops i didnt say anything about periokoi or helot women either..ohh well. probbaly lose like 2 marks...
  18. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    same! but i was so happy to see an akhenaten question. before the exam i go to my friends "im really hoping they have a question on the akhenaten revolution coz thats basically all ive studied" and to my luck it was there! i was amazed. so i just basically spewed out everything from the...
  19. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    i think theyr being a bit specific this year. bastards. i mean streetscapes, yeah thats fine but specfically hercs streetscapes? for a FOUR mark? and specfically ampitheatre for an EIGHT mark?! theyr crazy! my teacher even thought it was crazy. i think i did ok in it though. last question...
  20. -vicki.VICIOUS-

    Predicting what will be in it :S

    ohh yeah were talking about p + h arent we?! omg im getting so confused. i was thinking it was sparta and im like...um they only did 3 leisure activities, how in the world can u write 8 marks on that?! but i was looking at the p+h syllabus :s my head is all muddeled up.