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  1. frenchy

    what course would you do if you wanted to become...

    What course would you do if you wanted to become a General medical practioner (GP)?
  2. frenchy

    ACU transfers

    Hi, Does any one know how transfers (inside the uni, but different course) work for ACU?
  3. frenchy


    When do we say that we want to transfer (internal course transfer), is before we even start the course this year, or after the first semester?
  4. frenchy

    what do we have to bring on enrolment day?

    Some courses need your yr 10 marks and certificate as well as the year 12 one.. Look on the requirements for your your course, what ever it says you need, being it along to prove you have. If in doubt call the campus..
  5. frenchy


    how can i find out if it can be done?
  6. frenchy


    Do most universities allow you to change courses after about a semester if you did well? Is there requirements for this?
  7. frenchy

    Re-doing HSC units at tafe

    If i decided to do a few subjects again at tafe, for the hsc (since i did bad in them last yr), when they re-calculate for uai, does it become a limited uai? Does it make much of a difference? Also can i do those units as well as study at tafe for a certificate?
  8. frenchy

    Is any one here, getting the Newspaper tonite?

    Im pretty sure i wasn't offered anything, as the cut off's for the ones i applied for raised too high... but could some one just make sure for me? C. Dufaut
  9. frenchy

    who got the paper already

    can some one maybe scan the paper???
  10. frenchy


    Well its now certain that i'll be going to TAFE to do enrolled nursing. If you havent checked it out, uac has released the 2004 uni cut offs http://www.uac.edu.au/pdf/2004_uai_coffs_hecs_m.pdf
  11. frenchy

    Main round cut-offs

    http://www.uac.edu.au/pdf/2004_uai_coffs_hecs_m.pdf Well i'm glad to know now, i now know that i didnt get any of my courses.. the cut offs were way over my uai, ah wellz.....
  12. frenchy


    Hey hey, Yep you can enrol the following year into uni. I know for sure UTS offers it to enrolled nurses and so does UWS, so i'm pretty sure other universities offer it as well. So thats what i'm going to do if on monday i get no uni offers for nursing. Another good thing about doing TAFE...
  13. frenchy

    Social Science (Criminology)

    I'm hoping nursing, but i'm really interested in the social science course, so i wouldnt be disapointed if i got it but i doubt i will. I dont think the course will rise that much, so i'm sure you'll get in easily!
  14. frenchy


    It is true that you do get treated like crap by more qualified people, but then again you do it for a year at tafe, get the qualification, then the following year you can apply to uni to become a registered nurse, and that course will only take 2 years since you've got tafe qualification. Thats...
  15. frenchy


    hehe thats not bad either
  16. frenchy


    This is is what i know.. Tafe is to become an enrolled nurse, they earn roughly around $30,000 (going up per year). Enrolled nurses get stuck with the undesirable things like washing people. Uni, you become a registered nurse they earn anything from $34,000 up, increasing each year. Being a...
  17. frenchy


    Thanks s_a for that link, hadn't come across that one before. I still have no idea about the Ultimo thing.. i guess i just have to ring them up.... ahhh i hate doing that. One more question.... does any one know what this first aid certificate i need... it says: Must hold a current VETAB...
  18. frenchy

    Social Science (Criminology)

    my uai was below the cut off but i thought it was worth a try. If its not popular choice amongst people this year.. maybe it will drop, i put it at 6th.
  19. frenchy


    Does any one know why in the TAFE handbook that it doesnt list Enrolled Nursing at Ultimo, but on the TAFE website it does?