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  1. hgpstar

    The Gong

    Well, I actualy go to usyd, but heaps of my friends go to UOW, half of them are at Campus East and the other half are at Weerona... I've seen both, and stayed at both... I say go Weerona! Campus East is bloody miles away... and Weerona is just BETTER. Sorry, for some reason, I just hate...
  2. hgpstar

    Graduate Medicine at Sydney university

    Looking at the grades side of things, inasero, i imagine it would ba easier to get in as a gradute. I *think* you need a credit average, which is a hell of a lot easier to get than a 99.xx uai! Not sure about how UMAT and GAMSTAT (is that it?) compare though, or the interviews.
  3. hgpstar

    your Lecture theatres....

    Ahhh, not if you're in Bosch 3! It's got the sucky wooden benches, but its not quite as bad as the chem theatres.... shudder
  4. hgpstar

    The Quad - USyd vs UNSW

    and its cool to be standing outside the usyd quad and looking onto UTS, thinking, "sucked in!" sorry, im a very aesthetic person. if i can make it look better, i will.
  5. hgpstar

    Anyone excited about uni?

    we have lunches??? i am sensing i dont know quite as much as i should...
  6. hgpstar

    Anyone excited about uni?

    im starting to get annoyed with usyd starting so late...all bar one of my friends has moved away already and i am sooooooo bored. plus i cant really leave the house cos mum is suffering "first child moving out of home" angst and its not pretty if i say i want to go anywhere! im excited but...
  7. hgpstar

    English texts you actually liked!?

    i realloy liked "back home" in year 8, nothing in year nine, to kill a mockingbird was SOOO good, must read that again. hmmm...we did a poet in yr 11 that was really good but i cant remember his name. oooh i liked "the removalists", even tho heeps of people in our year hated it. i only...
  8. hgpstar

    educational accees scheme

    everyone at our school got EAS points cos we are a CAP funded school. i didnt end up needing them but my friend got into a course at usyd with 2.8 points lacking. if you're school is dodgy then it doesnt require much form-filling at all, but i wasnt eligible for much else anyway.
  9. hgpstar

    Random tips for year 12s!

    *make sure every clock anywhere near you is correct before exams start. i only made it to my geog exam with 30 secs to spare cos i was sitting in the car (cramming of course), which said i had 15 mins to go. thankfully i thought it was wierd that there was no-one from my class hanging...
  10. hgpstar

    Anyone know any good sailing clubs in Sydney?

    yeah ive been to they CYCA for sailing camps before, with school, and its wicked but perhaps a little out of my league! nah im after small boats, like hobies and skiffs
  11. hgpstar

    Anyone know any good sailing clubs in Sydney?

    do you know if you have to go to uts to join? im at usyd, which, i was disappionted to learn, does not have a sailing club!
  12. hgpstar

    Anyone know any good sailing clubs in Sydney?

    Any fellow sailors out there? i am planning on joining another sailing club in sydney when i move up there, and was wondering if anyone could recommend one. i'm into dinghy sailing, and would like to get into skiffs, hobies or anything else that can take me a bit further afield than a training...
  13. hgpstar

    What Course and where???

    no, i didn't, do it, but i wont let that hold me back! i actually would have liked to, but it wasnt offered, and i went for sciences, anyway. all of which are useless now!
  14. hgpstar

    usyd o-week sleepover

    yeah, im not sure about this one either. im with timmii - i dont want my first impression to be in my pjs, which are all either huge and comfy or kinda skimpy! plus i have a perfectly lovely bed nearby
  15. hgpstar

    Anyone else see Pearl Jam?

    hey did anyone go to see pearl jam??? i went last night, it was ABSOLUTLY INCREDIBLE! i never expected it to be so awesome, and eddie vedder puts on a great show, even while pissed, or maybe thats why he was so animated!
  16. hgpstar

    my place, please help

    i know this doesnt answer your question, but seeing as sally's chanegs were so damn vague, look more closely at the other characters to fill in space. Daisy, Gladys and Jill all do their fair bit of change, too, ie sally's curiosity incites changes in all o fthem, towards acceptance of them...
  17. hgpstar

    how many times shud i read it???

    get the CD and listen to hamlet, and read along in your book - SOOO much easier, you get through it heaps more times, and plus, the people reading it know, somehow, what shakespeare meant, so they can put the emphasis on the right things, and you understand it better. oh, and DONT watch the...
  18. hgpstar

    moving out

    i am, like a few others, forced to move out by a nice 6 hour drive between home and usyd, but im heeps excited about it! im not goin for a college tho, im moving into a shared apartment owned by the uni...anyone else at SUV??? at least its not scummy...it's brand new. plus, you gotta be...
  19. hgpstar

    What Course and where???

    thankyou thankyou thankyou! i know you can change i just couldnt be stuffed ringing faculties to find out, and that bloody handbook...buggered if i could find it there! you said you were doing sociology zannaz...? if so, see ya there!
  20. hgpstar

    What Course and where???

    ok, im STILL in a state of confusion over the usyd commerce compulsory subjects - are ECON 1001 and 1002 (introductory microeconomics and macroeconomics) compulsory? because everyone seems to be saying econometrics and im not sure if i have been misinformed by the fluffball on the advice line or...