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  1. princesskt

    Griffith University - calling all students

    I got into BA at Griffith, I'm gonna be living at Raymont Lodge :) How's everyone going with choosing their course/classes and shiz? lol
  2. princesskt


    I did it section 3... I love paul lol
  3. princesskt

    Scrap paper in the exam?

    um i dont think they do give us scrap paper, its just the booklets we have to do our questions in isnt it?
  4. princesskt


    I always have trouble with bearings...does anyone have any tips for them? Anything I should remember? Like I always get mixed up with things like find the bearing of A from B coz I don't know where to work from :S it confuses me :(
  5. princesskt

    Frantically panicking or well prepared?

    Hehe not panicking....but not prepared either :D Good Luck :D
  6. princesskt

    Unit Conversion

    oh dood i hate converting :(
  7. princesskt

    a question

    Hmm I dunno, but I hope to get an 80 uai too..
  8. princesskt

    Lets create a list of all the english techniques to use in paper 1 short answers

    comparisons and contradictions verbs and all them hmm i dunno lol
  9. princesskt

    im screwed :(

    yea doods im screwed too. i have my notes and all but i just cant put together an essay
  10. princesskt

    HOW do u study for this :(

    Hey, probs abit late to be asking this now, but better late the never right ;) anyways ive always had trouble studying for english, adv and ext. and hmm just wondering how u guys study for it? I have a folder full of stuff for it.. lol. But its just.. hmm I just have trouble studying for it...
  11. princesskt

    The, "Who hasn't studied" Thread

    wo0T! Hm, I have two 3 hour exams right before ext, one on wed and one on thurs..
  12. princesskt

    How do you get rid of stupid mistakes?

    dun ever do maths when ur tired lol
  13. princesskt

    How do you get rid of stupid mistakes?

    well i spose u gotta plan well tho.. i make silly mistakes when i rush.. so ive gotta teach myself to take it slow.. obviously not too slow.. but enough slowness to allow me to understand to question properly..
  14. princesskt

    CORE 1 PDHPE- In depth priority areas?!??

    yeah you do... we have to do cardiovascular disease and cancer plus two other ones, though its recommended we do injury and mental health..
  15. princesskt

    I Just Threw Out 5 Kilograms of HSC Related Paper.

    We sure do :( Sometime soon though, our class is planting trees for the school :) Some people aren't keen on the idea lol, but after all the paper we use, I think it's a good idea though :)
  16. princesskt


    ok soz my bad, well it did change :P
  17. princesskt


    Yeah the syllabus changed at the beginning of the year or something.. so check out the specimen paper coz thats basically what the HSC paper will be like :)
  18. princesskt

    Home and Away

    nooo...i missed last nights too!!! can someone plz fill me in?
  19. princesskt

    House M.D.

    Hehe I've only just started season 2 lol, I got it for my bday yesterday lol hehe
  20. princesskt

    Internal Assessment Finished!!!

    well i only have one more, i finished my english one this morning, i now have a report for PD to do but thats ok :D