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  1. Riot09

    Early Career of Alexander the Great

    his early carrer would pretty much include the events between 'chaeronea' and the start of the 'persian invasion'.
  2. Riot09

    who goes to uws bankstown?

    my name is Raju and I'm doing Bachelor of arts(psych major).
  3. Riot09

    Did anyone else get this "internal service error 500" when using ipay recently?.

    So,i was trying to pay my S.O.A fees online using ipay however when i tried to within a week ago,I got this webpage saying "internal service error". So does anyone else know what this is?,because i looked it up and it said that this was a relatively "common error" for online merchants.Also if...
  4. Riot09

    when and how do i access my online lecture?

    so basically do i have to access the online lecture at the actual time it indicates on the timetable,because it's allocated on Friday when the live lecture for that unit is delivered on Tuesday. also how do i access vuws in the library do i just go up to the librarian ask for a computer? i...
  5. Riot09

    what math skills are required in the ba-psych major?

    Does anyone know what i need to be aware of when it comes to the statistics part in the B.a-psych major course;because at orientation they told us that about 80% of students that start this major don't complete it because of the statistics or maths involved in this course. so basically what do...
  6. Riot09

    Does God exist?

    i'm a buddhist which makes me a non-theist
  7. Riot09

    i have a few integrations questions i need help with

    1.find the integral of x^2 over sqaure root of x^3+5 2.find the integral of 5-x^2 over 5+x^2 whole squared 3.find the integral of x(x+1)^half 4.find p if the integral of (px-1)^2 =35/3 _iv'e gone through the working out for these questions several times and still don't understand it,so...
  8. Riot09

    i need Help with questions 14 and 15 from the 2009 chemistry hsc exam.

    Help with questions 14 and 15 from the 2009 chemistry hsc exam. (for the titration question i use c1v1=c2v2 and I'm not used to the other method.) the link for the paper is: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/hsc2009exams/pdf_doc/2009-hsc-exam-chemistry.pdf
  9. Riot09

    is this right?

    yeagh,i used that and got a more credible result of around 50 i think.
  10. Riot09

    is this right?

    i just used sam and enterered the most likely results i'd get for the hsc and i got a rseult of 90+.can i trust this figure?.(i know i'll get at least a band 3 in every subject exept for v.art where i'll get a band 5.)
  11. Riot09

    shit music this decade

    Why would i remember bad music?,to me a song isn't worth my attention if its not good.And the ratio of good to bad songs was higher in those days than it was today,for example all the west coast rappers were at their peak during the 90's and early 00's.However today i couldn't name any new...
  12. Riot09

    who else in addicted to the "ultimate fighter" on fueltv.

    you're replies funny.(I wrote all this and then you posted one word)
  13. Riot09

    shit music this decade

    yeah,i personally find no reason to listen to these new songs as much of the good music were mostly made in the noughties and early 90's.i'm sorry to say this but music fell off just like everything else in this decade.
  14. Riot09

    who else in addicted to the "ultimate fighter" on fueltv.

    currently I'm watching season 13 and season 6 on fueltv,despite the crappy fights so far on season 6 and season 13 I'm still interested in watching the show as i have for the past few months. i also like the theme music that plays at the beginning of the show.
  15. Riot09

    wats ur gym routine

    i train 6 days a week twice a day with short rest periods between the 3-5 sets that i do and my sessions usually last an hour. i switch the stuff i do in between days.(i do one thing one day and another the next.) my first routine is mainly a upper/ full body session which in short...
  16. Riot09

    can someone please tell me how to deal with unexplainable event.

    yeah i admit im a pretty bad speller and for riproot this is the link to the song Its kind of funny that this song doesn't have a video clip and that there's no acoustic or live version of this song on the net anywhere,considering how good it is.(my avatar is actually the album cover of the...
  17. Riot09

    can someone please tell me how to deal with unexplainable event.

    (pretty boring intro but i promise it gets interesting later on.) so,basically i was eating at a food court in the city watching the flat screen they had there.And as i was minding my own business keeping track on the drivers splits of the Portugal stages of the WRC.Then suddenly in my...