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    Still change tutorial classes?

    Can we still change tutorial classes? When is the deadline? How do we change?
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    O-week UNSW

    For all new students at UNSW. What happens at O-week? How is it different from open/info days? Any other questions please feel free to post below. Kind regards.
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    Uni Fees (Comm at UNSW)

    How much to study commerce at UNSW first year undergrad? As in this year. Thanks.
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    Timetabling help?

    How do we check what sessions for what courses are available at UNSW? I am looking to do Bcomm at UNSW. Thanks.
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    Hamlet Predictions

    Predictions on the focus for the Hamlet question this year?
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    Study hours

    How many hours per week does the Bachelor of Commerce require? Or any course for that matter? Can you customise your timetable to fit in all lectures in 2-3 days? So that you have the rest of the week off? Thanks.
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    Yo! Please estimate this!

    School rank: 70s Eng adv: 8/108 Eng ext: 2/28 Eng ext 2: 3/14 Maths 2U: 12/84 Maths 3U: 21/48 Eco: 4/31 SoR 1: 2/55
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    What is my ATAR?

    Please provide educated estimates of my ATAR from these results: English Advanced: 8th/106 English Extension: 5th/31 English Extension II: 3rd/14 Maths: 12/74 Maths Extension I: 10th/28 Economics: 4th/31 Studies of Religion I: 2nd/26 School rank: 70s
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    ATAR Estimation...

    Please provide educated estimates of my ATAR after half yearlies. Here are my ranks and subjects. English Advanced: 6th/78 English Extension: 5th/22 English Extension II: 3rd/14 Maths: 9th/52 Maths Extension I: 10th/28 Economics: 5th/31 Studies of Religion I: 3rd/26 School rank: 70s
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    Are you rich?

    Who here is rich or wealthy? Post your most expensive assets and the amount of money you have in the bank/storage and anything else that you think is worthy.
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    2012 BMW 3 Series F30

    Opinions/Comments? Likes? Dislikes? Ratings?
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    Rewards after HSC

    What are you expecting to get as a reward after the HSC? Something tangible? From Parents? Older siblings?
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    Most expensive P plater car

    What's the most expensive P plater car you've seen driving on the road? (By themselves so most likely not in their parents car.)
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    Can I get 99+ with these subjects?

    Adv English Ext 1 English Ext 2 English Maths 2 Unit Maths Ext 1 Unit Economics 1 Unit SoR Expecting high marks for all of these subjects.
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    Porn Q&A

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    Possibilities are endless.

    Atar! Please estimate my atar: School rank - 70s MX1 - 4/32 MX2 - 5/12 EX1 - 4/23 ENG ADV - 8/68 ECO - 3/53 LEGAL - 4/27
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    Economics tutoring

    Does anyone know if private tutoring for economics is any good at The Brain?
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    Are you rich/ middle/ poor? What do you like to show off? What is the most expensive entity in your possession?