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    ACCG251 / ACCG250 Exam

    Any clues of how the exam is going to be like? Will it be similar to any discussion questions that we did in tutes? Cheers
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    Science in 2004

    If I am doing commerce in MQ and i wanted to do a double degree of B.sci/B.commerce after 2nd year? or do i need to do it again from the start? do u think this works? Say I have already done 2 years of commerce, which is 3 years full time. So what should i do? I just wanna do a double degree...
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    Science in 2004

    hey i have a question. If i am doing commerce 2nd year in macquarie university, can i transfer to USYD for B.sci/B.com on the 3rd year? so i would missed 2 years of b.sci degree? both are 3 years full time.
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    Chinese background

    cool...!!!what do u reckon u will get?
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    What was the problem?

    so do i...when i got back home, in a relaxed environment, i knew how to do all of the q1-7 except binomial, my weakness is that i dun have enough time and i rushed through and cannot think properly to avoid silly mistakes...i lost 10 marks for silly mistakes 10/84!!!!i dun think anyone will make...
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    Chinese background

    It wasn't a hard exam except for i am ur father and chun tao...aiming for 80+ this time...cos the others i think i did quite well!
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    Chinese background

    ic....are u from mainland china??
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    Chinese background

    Hi everyone? How's the Chinese paper?
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    Easiest test ever

    hey guys...that paper was fairly hard, harder than the previous ones, timing is not enough, when reading that 150 word long paragraph in q7, remembering all the details and the stress after looking at the clock...i made careless and lost 8 marks...how shit and the probability questions has taken...
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    please answer!!

    LOOK AT THE WORD DURING which year...so it would be 1991 + 45 = 2036 years...During that year it reaches 30 million, as u got t=45.4
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    I f*cked it

    You know what i stuffed and i lost abot 10 marks for careless...and now i can only get into 80's...how shit was that?..so damn sad about it!
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    copper concentration

    i got 0.03 or sth..but like i remember i have to compare the proportion of Cu2+ with CuSo4, then times according to the equation n=cV to find the concentration!
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    So what marks have you lost so far??

    i lost 2 marks in mc about 6 in option..i wrote the ship corrode faster under the sea about 6 marks in short answers i can only get around 80 sth.....ai...yak c la!
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    Q14 in multiple choice??

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    <<<<<Quantitative analysis/ Qualitative analysis>>>>>

    i wrote qualitative analysis is sth related to the quality of water, such as turbidty, dissolved solids, etc. Quantitative analysis is sth related to the quantity of certain chemical in the water such as the level of suspneded particles in water, dissolved oxygen concentration, BOD, etc...was...