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    What'd everyone think??

    im glad im not the only one who found the individuals and work question confusing. in regards to people leaving, only 3 people left (out of 16) and that was in the last half and hour or so. maybe because our teacher was meeting us outside at the end and we were all too scared to leave? i think...
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    X-mas casual at Target

    i started as a christmas casual at target in 2004... im still there today!! if i remember correctly, it took awhile for my shifts to come. and dont worry about uniform, in the induction they will give u a form. for the meantime, just wear business attire.
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    How Long 4 Extended & Report?

    no where near that much. like 6 for each
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    Hatshepsut Question!

    The hatshepsut foreign policy question was awful. when i read it i was swearing under my breath. I wish that it was on building, or on assessing her as a pharoah overall. oh well, im glad its over anyway
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    Hmm.. Pompeii- easy as. except for the food bit Minoans- that was ok. Pretty easy questions Hatshepsut- First question was easy as. Second question about foreign policy i had no clue. Egypt New Kingdom- the question of Thut 3 was easy as. Overall.. if i knew my work better i would feel...