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    to current students of usyd - easy $10

    ummm spots on the most convenient times filled pretty quickly.. but you are allowed to join a guest list kinda thing and just rock up if there is space in the room because a lot of people just sign up and dont go...
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    to current students of usyd - easy $10

    yes you can do claw in sem1 first year yes you can do statistics (you can check all this on the website somewhere..) i found stat easier than micro but i found micro more interesting... there werent limits in it. there was the SUM (sigma notation) i think maybe... but not much and they pretty...
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    to current students of usyd - easy $10

    understanding business and the business environment have no maths whatsoever. but you can't do that i dont think.. im pretty sure ecof1004 has ecof1003 is its prerequisite so you have to do the business environment in second sem. statistics has more general maths than 2 unit maths in it. you...
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    to current students of usyd - easy $10

    for ecof1003 and ecof1004 you cannot assess the difficulty of the courses by their exams. especially as they have very little weighting. the exams were more essay styled so the difficulty was based on how stringent the marking was. and i think the core units have changed (something like micro...
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    USYD Roll Call 2012

    LLB but im so confused whether to combine with commerce or economics? also random q. am i considered a second or first year if i would be doing second year subjects in com/eco and first year law?
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    Roll call for those trying to transfer to USyd/UNSW Law this year

    yeah i got an offer. 98.00 atar and 6.0 gpa.. i dont think i wouldve made it in previous years though (even though atar cut off is the same) good luck!
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    early february round question?

    Yes just accept it and then change your preferences straight away and: -if you do get an offer in the second round just accept it also then notify the first institution you want to subsequently decline -if you dont get an offer then you still have your first round preference the only thing is...
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    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    Really, I swear they are rather similar no matter what people say. If it is anything like last year... I would put UNSW in your first round and USYD in your second round.. as they still had spots in the second round for the same ATAR (and UNSW was full).. This would allow you to have even more...
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    NEED URGENT ADVICE: Can I/Should I do a Commerce degree when I've no Comm Background?

    Re: NEED URGENT ADVICE: Can I/Should I do a Commerce degree when I've no Comm Backgro dont know how absolutely basic youre talking... but you literally learn 'what is a business'. (speaking from my experience i dunno about other unis). the only thing you needed to know what basic maths (first...
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    NEED URGENT ADVICE: Can I/Should I do a Commerce degree when I've no Comm Background?

    Re: NEED URGENT ADVICE: Can I/Should I do a Commerce degree when I've no Comm Backgro First year doesnt have any real prerequisites. You can get by without having any previous idea about commerce/economics as it is all in the textbooks/lectures/tutorials. If you do it for a year and realise...
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    B.Com (Liberal Studies) Vs a B.Commerce/Science

    yes it allows you to do more (to the best of my understanding.. at usyd atleast.. that is the case for commerce/arts) another benefit is the fact that you come out with a double rather than a single degree (dunno if it actually is looked up better though) and technically, undertaking 4 majors...
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    B.Com (Liberal Studies) Vs a B.Commerce/Science

    you have to do arts units in com lib but you can use them on economics. and you can have another science major (4 majors) in the com/sci i think that any extra knowledge you have would increase your employment prospects. even if the subject doesnt directly relate to your future employment, you...
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    Which uni for B Commerce?

    theyre all the same.
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    USYD Economics V UNSW Economics

    Personally, I think the reason why economics and metrics were moved to the arts faculty was because of international students. They were generating a lot of revenue for the business school and by doing this they can extend this benefit to the arts faculty.
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    I Need Some Advice

    To the best of my knowledge, usyd and unsw combined law transfers consider your GPA and ATAR in second year. they dont consider what units you have previously studied or degree for that matter... but the benefit of doing the degree you want to combine with law is the possibility of speeding up...
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    Group-based Assessments at Uni

    my experience in first year commerce at syd has been 5/8 subjects have had around 20% of marks being awarded for group assessments. i personally dislike them because no one really preferences them over other assessments as they think the work load is less and leave it to the last minute after...
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    Cotton on christmas casual

    I got it for typo last year (xmas casual) and from late november i was getting quite a lot of work (compared to virtually nothing during hsc). like 3-6 shifts a week. by no means full time employment, but if you are good (sounds a little up myself) they will give you way beyond the minimum...
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    Combined Commerce

    mmm if you wanna do a language and maths why not think about commerce (lib). I had no idea what it was before uni but the people i've met doing it seem to really enjoy it. you have heaps of flexibility in the units you do and can do 3 majors from arts/science/commerce faculties. and if you do it...
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    Which is the best uni for business/commerce/economics?

    Re: Which university is more reputable,credible, and better for Business/Commerce hey yeah its true.. dr carlin (dean) is by far my favourite lecturer this sem. dunno who the other heads are though lol so i dunno.. i think the deputy is ms lord or something.. anyway she was shit.. its for...
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    Question about combined degrees

    from the best of my knowledge you cant combine commerce lib with anything. that being said within your com lib you can major in languages. my understanding is that com lib you can have 3 majors in 4 years (arts, science, commerce) correct me if im wrong