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    So how'd you find it and how many pages did you write?

    Definatly!!!! Party week goldcoast???
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    How hard did you find it?

    i was suprised and found it easy........ I thought it was going to be terrible.... I was happy.... Found it easier then last years
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    Is IPT your last exam?

    Yes.... The satisfaction i will get out of seeing those books burn will be eternal...... Process this information!!!!! I hated this subject....... What makes it worse is the fact the exam finishes at 5...... Oh well...... Cant wait to kill those braincells off this weekend!!!
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    I agree...... It was easy
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    We didnt have the rain, we had the stupid wanker FA-18's and F-1 11's flying close over our exam which was great to help us concentrate...... NOT
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    Yeah i skate a bit...... Im going to schoolies party week aswellll definatly bringing my board id say... Hit up pizzey park or something!!
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    I thought the test was really good, question 3 was a bit weird but i filled up all the space preety easily...... Question 4 was awesome....... Loved the call-response at the end!!!! The only negative for me was the freaking F111's and FA18's being wankers and flying over our school during the...
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    Who WON'T be 18 for schoolies?

    God it must be embarrasing to not be 18 for schoolies!!!! No clubbing and pubs for you guys!!!!! 18 in 2 weeks :P