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  1. J

    defferment offers

    Hi i was accepted into Macquarie uni last year for chiro sci and deffered it. I was wonderi g when does UAC offer places to those who deffered for macqurie? a few of my friends recieved their deferments although they are going to other unis.
  2. J

    A few questions about med..

    Hey i have a few questions about medicine as i am unable to make my mind up about it yet. 1. How is the medicine course at newcastle. 2. What is the workload like (in hours) including the amount of study you do each week. 3. can u actually have a social life afterwards?? 4. how expensive are...
  3. J


    Yer i did it, reckon it was the easiest part of the test even though it was my weakest topic (or so i thought). It was just straigforward, none of these weird or random questions that they threw at us in part b?
  4. J

    UAI prediction help plz :S

    i was just lazy with that exam, didnt study at all n finished with an hour n a half to go coz it didnt go towards anything. In all my assignments i got 90+ and in my other exams i always been about 85 + so yer i was jus lazy this time lol
  5. J

    UAI prediction help plz :S

    Hey i been worrying about wat UAI im gonna get, need about 85 to get into chiro at Macquarie. In my trials (which didnt count) i did NO study and got these marks (so sum are s**t) and the ranks are cumulative over the year): 1U Studies of religion - mark 40/50 rank 17/75 Advanced english -...