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    Failed a few Courses :(

    Hi, I have recently completed my first semester of Engineering at unsw and failed maths 1131 and physics 1131. Do I have to repeat these subjects next year? How can I tell if a course is a core subject? I checked the unsw handbook and none of the next year courses explicitly say these...
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    Advice on buying course packs

    My mom works at macquarie bank so she can print 1000000s of sheets for free. Saved me so much in hsc when printer fucked up.
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    Advice on buying course packs

    Hi hope everyone's having an awesome first week at uni! I was just curious about the course packs you need for every subject. I'm doing a mechanical engineering course and So far from what I've read I need course packs for my physics, maths and chemistry classess. The funny thing is the...
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    I didn't get a coop scholarship

    My predicted score at school was 80-85 lol. Looking back I don't know I applied my sister had an Prediction of 97. The criteria was 96 no bonus points for all courses. And of course passing interview.
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    I didn't get a coop scholarship

    Oh lol that cheers me up I thought 55 applied for coop. I guess the coop one would be higher since enginerring is their main thing.
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    Actuarial Studies / Maths Graduate | 7+ Years Experience - Maths and Economics Tutoring

    Re: 99.45 ATAR: Dedicated Maths/Eco/Phys/Chem tutor better than preuni....
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    I didn't get a coop scholarship

    i got this. Im annoyed that i spent a week on the application... and that i couldn't beat 50 kids... wow. i don't know how many places they offer in engineering but if it's higher than 10 im suprised im not in top 20 percent for my application, because i put alot of effort in it. owellnot...
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    atar estimate plz

    raw marks and ranks. adv english 80% 80/150 drama 70% 10/15 engineering studies 60% 9/12 maths ext 1 80% 45/95 maths 2 unit 90% 40/90 physics 80% 35/60 school rank 25 cheers.
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    General Thoughts: Engineering Studies

    i think i crossed mine out cos 360 seemed to fast. thoguht i mase some huge mistake... fark.
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    General Thoughts: Engineering Studies

    i reckon this exam is the reason i wont get in my course. I wanted to do engineering in university.... ironic isin't it?
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    fuck engineering studies. just fuck it. seriously just fuck it up theass wif a giant epdilso.
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    Which schools do you reckon will be in the top 10?

    im in fshs 2012..... Trust me i can vouch for what these guys are saying. the deputy even told us to do our personal best and that we aren't as good as last year...
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    How is everyone studying for engineering?

    i feel basically screwed. dude do you have any idea what i should focus on to get the highest marks i can? like can you give me a list like the other guy of what you think the test comprises.
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    Band 6 and 5 cut off

    wtf if that's the a state ranking why does it scale so bad.
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    it was too easy... like i think i wasted time doing 11 past papers. kinda pissed tbh could have achieved the same resurlt with 4-5 papers.
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    it was to easy... like i think i wasted time doing 11 past papers. kinda pissed tbh good have achieved the same resurlt with 4-5 papers.
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    what are you talking about? it was an essay not creative writing?
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    Elitist Selective school mentality makes me rage!

    i think he should be angry if the test was that easy. but honestly he's taking it his anger out in the wrong way and making himself look like an idiot.