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    Liberal in regards to Nursing and Science degrees.

    I don't know but I have a question. I'm not saying that they will, but say that the uni fees go up due to the deregulation, will job prospects be any better so we can pay back our fees? I know Liberals are cutting funds to science research centres such as CSIRO, etc but really, what does it all...
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    Doing Uni and TAFE at the same time?

    I'm currently a uni student but I also want to take on a TAFE course. Has anyone done both at the same time? If so, how did it work out? Also, if I'm already going for a degree at uni, should I do a diploma or just a cert IV?
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    Where is Colombo Theatre A?

    Alright thank you
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    Where is Colombo Theatre A?

    I've tried looking at the UNSW maps, I've tried google, still can't find it :/
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    Timetable clash

    Alrighty then. Thanks.
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    Timetable clash

    I have called and they've told me to fill out a form and to send it - which I've done. Right now I'm waiting for a response and I was just curious :/
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    Timetable clash

    Hi, Just out of curiosity, how long does it take for the application of process? I just sent one via email and I'm quite anxious that I won't get into the course. Thanks.
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    BIOC 2181 or BIOC 2101?

    Okay, here's the dilemma! If I decide to do BIOC2101, I only have a one hour tute on Thursday (which can't be changed as all of their tutes are on thursdays -.-) Also, is it alright to conclude that BIOC2181 is more bio-like whereas BIOC2101 is more chem-like? Plus, if I do 3 courses this sem...
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    BIOC 2181 or BIOC 2101?

    Hi everyone, Okay, so obviously I'm having trouble deciding which one of these to choose from.. So any advice/thoughts/experiences from these courses would be great. It's part of pharmacology major and I can't do my other courses because they're running second semester only. :mad...
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    UNSW express

    Hmm okay. Where from?
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    UNSW express

    Quick Question: Are buses still running from Central to UNSW and back? More specifically, this Wednesday. Thanks
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    Picking a Minor

    Hi. So I'm currently doing a degree in Science (Double in Anatomy and Pathology) and Arts (Sociology&Anthropology) and I need help in picking a minor. Right now it's out of three: development studies, linguistics and criminology. I just want info/feedback from anyone who has done any courses...
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    reverse parking

    Line the rear of your car with their's. Then turn the wheel inwards (ie towards the car) all the way. When your mirror is in line with their rear, turn the other way slowly and adjust. Make sure you don't hit the car in front or behind. And who cares if there are people behind.
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    BABS1201 study

    I found that exam to be a shocker :( It was quite hard for me too But maybe it'll get scaled in some way +1 :)
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    How long does the "honeymoon period" of a relationship last?

    That's so sad :( Makes you think too.
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    Pepsin enzyme experiment

    Hiya all! Does anyone know where you can get pepsin from? It's a group project and we need to provide our own enzyme. Thanks :)
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    UNSW Chatter Thread 2013

    Re: Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread 2013 Oh awesome! That's the $20 one yeah?
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    UNSW Chatter Thread 2013

    Re: Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread 2013 I also have a few questions... :/ What's the difference between lecture notes and course notes? Oh, and lab manuals too. And where can we get each of them? Are the compulsary? They seem like the most basic of things to know but I'm just so confused D:
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    UNSW Chatter Thread 2013

    Re: Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread 2013 First day of uni and I'm already so confused D':