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    Share your 2012 ATAR here

    99.1 Cant say im too happy with that...but it could have been worse. English completely killed everything...low band 5 :(
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 2

    You can kinda guess how you did by where you go to school, if you go to a good school like Ruse, then you're fine, in my school everyone gets band 6
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 2

    I screwed up alot in 15b, realised some mistakes afterwards and my working is all over the place with answers all mixed up in different question, cuz i do my questions at different times, kina pissed off, actually Dunno what i got, hopefully 90-97 raw :( i always make silly mistakes, ALOT OF...
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    help jst skipped entire section of exam

    Hi, I'm anfonee I wrote like 20 creatives, and end up not using any of them for my creative :(
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    Can I get an ATAR of 98+

    Yeah, i mean its always possible, this guy bottomed out in almost everything, and he still got 99.1 What you need to do right now, is to help the ppl who got a higher rank them you to make sure they dont screw up
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    Can I get an ATAR of 98+

    Unfortunately its your school's rank that let u down, if you went to a top school, 50 ppl get like ATARs of 99.
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    Please call me, im doing english advanced this year hope its not too late 0450388386

    Please call me, im doing english advanced this year hope its not too late 0450388386
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    Snitching benefits all?!?!?

    Ok, if you did read my enormous paragraph then good for you...if you didn't thats also cool Next time, don't snitch, you just want to get other ppl in trouble, mind you own fucking business. They'll come to their senses in time, like you when you used to be a CHEATER yourself. You obviously...
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    Snitching benefits all?!?!?

    You sound like a smart guy, so please read the whole thing (sorry its long) before you make up your mind, you obviously started this post because you are usually whether or not you're doing the right thing. You want tell yourself that you're doing the right thing, thats its about justice and...