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    Modern Greek Extension

    Hey! Its great to see some replies here! maybe we get to know each other lol! The exam was pretty good actually as we said. AnnaD i wrote too much as well- but i cant help myself. nah its positive marking so the only thing they can do is get impressed! So no worries guys its all good1
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    Modern Greek Extension

    Hey Guys, How did you find it. I think the analysis of the song was a bit difficult. THey really played around with the questions this time. The response to the song was a good part i think, we could really engage with the imagination i guess. And the last part the 300 word response was ok- we...
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    english exams r more like a test of physical strength than testing ur english skills

    Not only is the paper 2 exam one of the crappiest yes- they only practically test how well uve worked ur ass off during the year and wat the quality of ur final one page essay is! thats it! then ontop of that they test your memory... SO the whole year u learn stuff, u know it but who the hell...
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    Modern Greek Continuers

    This had to be one of the most fun greek exams. i was literally laughing at the stuff i was writing- lol got a chance to get creative i guess~
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    History Project. I am so screwed.

    Hey Talene, not only have u reasured Katie Tully but you have reasured me as well. i just hope that you're right! i have a weird teacher as well and im still in the air about what im doing so reading all this has helped!!
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    2005 History Extension Major Project Topics

    Im thinking of doing. how has the portrayal and views of Cleoparta VII changed over time. or to waht extent did her relationships with JC and MA affect links with Rome or my other option is- to what extent was alexander teh great trying to promote hellinism in teh middle east/ what were his...