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    Activities at Bathurst O week

    i heard there is a back to school theme, so bring your uniforms
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    So... Who Shall I Be Seeing at CSU Next Year?

    hey.. who is your friend doing bachelor or teaching? just wonder because i'm doing it to?
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    Info bout BA

    what subjects are there to choose from with BA ?
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    A lady my mum sort of talks to just started a job at streets ice cream factory and she gets $25/hour for putting stickers on boxes! i want to know how to apply but the lady wasn't sure because she knew someone, thats always the way..
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    the hsc cannot tell you how smart you are. discuss

    I don't think its fair in the way people are smart in different areas and although the scaling does help the people who choose those subjects for that reason not everyone does that. Someone who enjoys and does well in chemistry compared to someone who is the same for lets say visual arts...
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    Letter for online services

    I've gone through that process. Then when i clicked on forums it just came up with a blank page with forums up the top. I'll have to try again.
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    Teaching at UWS

    Would you be more prepared for teaching doing a proper four year course somewhere else?
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    Letter for online services

    yeh.. after i signed in there was nothing that i could use now that i could see
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    Letter for online services

    Did anyone else recieve the letter from csu for their website with our own sections and passwords? I went on it and everything i clicked on pretty much lead to nothing.. did anyone else find this?
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    Where to live?

    I was just about to post up about showers and toliets asking if they are all shared. I so could not live with that for four years.
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    bf of 2 years moving interstate... what do i do?

    If you guys have already thought about taking it slow and having a break then you probably won't last. I'm moving 3 hours away this year to Bathurst for UNI and my boyfriend and i havn't even talked about what would happen with us, i don't think it is even an option. My cousin is going out...
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    CSU bathurst is the best

    Only bad thing about it is its so far away!
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    Uni Acceptance

    A friend of mine only had a UAI of 52 and managed to get into UWS for a buisness course that had a cut off of 78.00! She didn't do the STAT test either! The Uni rung her up and said if she changed her preferences around they'd let her in. I know some of you may say well it is UWS but thats a BIG...
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    Looking for a room buddy. (Bathurst)

    i'll be your room buddy!!!
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    On Campus Accommodation

    I have family in Bathurst, Orange and other town around there but i don't want to have to stay with them. What happens with shared housing will the Uni help you find and sort that out?
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    Who got in Teaching?

    We have probably walked past each other and not even known it.. I'm going to add UNSW to my preferences i didn't think i'd have a chance there but now i think i do then i won't have to move!
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    Who got in Teaching?

    IM GOING TO CHARLES STURT BATHURST!! wooo!! except now i'll have to move 3 hours away.. but its all good!!!
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    So torn...

    It'll only make it worse for you if you hook up again and then keep on liking him more. Find someone else that'll like you back, be your friend and do whatever it is you want to do with this other guy and get over it. There is plenty more guys out there.
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    Where Do You Do Your Shopping At??

    Macathur square, its got- Just Jeans, Jeans west, Sports girl, Dotti, Jb hi fi, Diva and good food thats all i need, all the other new shops arn't really exciting there, i havn't even been in most of them. Sometimes ill go into the city for a day out.
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    the 'I HATE SUPRE' thread

    I'd wear those short shorts to bed :-) Yeh the girls are very in your face but thats what they are paid to do like asking how we are? i think people just take it the wrong way. My friend works their and she hates the clothes she is made to wear, they give them set clothes each month to wear...