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    Hatshepsut Question!

    well i think queen hatsheput did a really good job at ruling ancient egypt like she was exporting goods to other counties in africa during her regin
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    Need Bands for webpage at skool

    Does any1 no any good bands 4 a webpage 4 skool thanx :bomb: :santa: :rofl: :burn:
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    Having crushes with someone YOUNGER THAN YOU??? OMG

    Well u should really think about ur feelings coz u might get in a lot of trouble if you start dating so my advice would be stay good frens but try n find some1 closer to ur own age from bobwacko93
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    Society project

    Man skool sucks at the moment because i'm havin a lot of trouble tryin to find infomation about the sciences and technology of ancient Egypt. If any1 can help me plz send me some info asap thanx from bobwacko93. :( :burn: :mad: