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    Option: Age of Silicon

    I did age of silicon..... ahh!! It was horrible, I chose to do it with a couple of friends cause we thought itd be better than medical physics.... apparently medical physics was pretty easy. Wish I could say it about this module... but at least all my friends thought it was bad too...
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    Multiple Choice

    Hi, Well im glad the test is over :). My multiple choice responses were basically the same as people's here, I think 14 is C. My reasoning: ADH is desigined to allow more water back into the blood. Aldosterone increases the reabosorption of salts into the blood, and then increases...
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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    True, but my teacher said the purpose for the flame was to make it into a gas, cause it doesn't work as solids.
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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    But its called atomic absorption spectroscopy
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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    Yeah to be honest I thought it was an initiator, cause a catalyst does not play a part in the chemical reaction. I though 14. was C, but Im prob wrong
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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    :) I got similar(ish) - 16500 and something....
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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    Lead gives off a blue white colour, sodium gives off a bright orange colour. By logical deduction you could figure out that hydrogen was the odd one out. Thats why I thought we shouldn't be burning lead.... but hey, I could be wrong :)
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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    One of the samples had lead in it, cant burn lead cause its bad for you :)
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    Section 1

    Re: wow the short answers were quite difficult Lol, those....... Well at least we never have to think about journeys ever again!!
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    the 'what would you do differently if you could do your exam again' thread

    Well I think Id probably try and link my story to the little quote thingi a bit more.... but they were icky. That and would probably try and work the question more into my essay, cause the one I prepared really didn't suit the question. The short answers questions though.... ew.