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    Multiple choice

    Glen88: On Question 18 those 5 symbols are from left to right, 1 to 5 Magnetic Tape, Direct Access Storage, Online Output, Online Input, Paper Document Output (From memory, may be wrong) So 1 and 2 can be input or output, 3 is output, 4 is input, 5 is output. Therefore D is the most correct as...
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    So how'd you find it and how many pages did you write?

    It was relatively easy with the amount of study I did, would have been harder had I not studied... but thats a given. Used 8 booklets, did about 12 pages.
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    Is IPT your last exam?

    Wooooooooaaaahhhhh Finished I'm Finished!!!!!!!
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    Multiple choice

    Here we go, anything I got different from original post I have justified: 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. D 5. B - I was tossing between B and D. Looking at it now D is probably correct. 6. A 7. D - Tossing between C and D chose D because it transmits and recieves, that was stupid. C is more correct because...
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    Rank The SDD HSC Exam Please

    whitng: All my class played games all year, so did last years yr 12 HSC etc... Doesnt mean we suck :P You need to learn to relax a bit :D A context diagram is dataflow diagram but with only ONE process and NO data store. IPT + SDD helps so much, cause you learn half the stuff twice.
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    Predict your raw mark

    I did well for me, raw mark prolly between 40-50
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    Maths Ext 1 - General thoughts on the exam

    I managed to do about 50% of the paper, which is good for me. In trials I got 30% of the paper correct. I really liked Question 7 but didnt get the chance to finish it due to time. Should have done it earlier.
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    Legend166: The algorithm puts a sentence into an array as an array of characters. For the string 'modular approach' it will be put in the array as: ('m', 'o', 'd', 'u', ... ,'h') The algorithm then puts the characters of index 4-9 (inclusive) into the variable 'extract' using the & operator. At...
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    I was thinking deffinately teachers because they know how to teach the children and what they respond to. I wasnt sure between children and parents but I chose parents because of this: - Parents are generally receptive to their childrens needs and know what they respond to. Parents have taught...
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    Context Diagram

    Oh really, you dont need data in a context diagram? We've always chucked it in there for IPT exams. Oh well, at least I shouldnt lose marks. Most of the stuff I did I put heaps of detail in, cause I felt I had alot of time. Example: I did all my algorithms twice, once a draft on the exam sheet...
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    Context Diagram

    Context diagrams have a single process (in a circle) connecting external entities (in a box) through data flow (arrows). So the one I drew was [User] -- Username, Password, Answers - > (System) -- Resource Usage Info --> [Hospital] ^--(from system to user)-- questions, diagnosis--
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    Context Diagram

    I'm pretty sure you have to do it in SDD, considering its in the excel text book page 44.
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    Rank The SDD HSC Exam Please

    I reckon I did pretty well. Wasnt the easiest exam I've ever done for software design but wasnt hard either. Just required lots of writing. I dont like exams that require lots of writing :P Question 24 was good, could have been much harder. However I was suprised at how general or simple some...
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    Do You Have Enough Time?

    I finished with 20mins left, then after checking it all and writing up the front of each booklet and getting the superviser lady to sign me off I had ten minutes left. Goddamn having to sit there for 10 mins.
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    1. a) 2. b) 3. d) 4. d) 5. c) 6. a) 7. c) 8. c) 9. b) 10. b) 11. c) 12. a) 13. c) 14. a) 15. b) 16. a) 17. a) 18. c) 19. a) 20. b) Thats my answers, likely I didnt get them all right, but I think I did fairly. Actually looking at everyone elses answers I think I could have...
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    Powerplay - Related Texts

    For the Powerplay Assignment, my group used these texts: The Matrix V for Vendetta (Graphical Novel, not the film) World War II Propaganda Posters Other texts used by class mates: Equilibrium Saw The Crucible Serenity Wag the Dog Rabbit Proof Fence There were a few other good ones I cant...