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    Coming first internally and screwing up in the external exam

    Eh? I was under the impression your internal mark will be pulled up to the highest mark scored in the HSC external exam, to keep the range within school assessment marks. i.e. they moderate the range of marks, not just the bottom and top. Your HSC mark will then be the one you got. e.g. You're...
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    Frontline Script

    On 'going after the big fish:' Mike: "Joe Bjeltke-Peterson." Bob: "He's out of his mind." ^^ That's just wuuunderrrful. I LOVE 'Smaller Fish to Fry.' On Packer, the dialogue goes like so: Bob: "How many stories you done on Packer?" Mike: "Not many." Bob: "How many?" Mike: "None."...
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    A harder 2 unit finance question.. suppose to be easy but.... i cant do it

    Oh oops, my bad. I have a tendency never to read questions properly, sozzles.
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    Starbuck closing down 61 stores Australia wide

    They're closing stores for 'not performing well' and this is due to 'poor real estate choices.' I'd say the QVB is a pretty prime location, and thus reaping in the money, so they'll be hanging around yet, don't worry. (Unfortunately. Why can't we just scrap Starbucks altogether?)
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    Question 4: The problem we have here is our basic log principles. Everyone has agreed so far that y=1/2ln2x+c, yes? Sub in the point (e^2, 2) 2=1/2(ln2e^2)+c Let us remember that this is the logarithm of 2(e^2) Thus, we cannot turn it into 2ln2e. We can only do that if we it is...
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    The Dumbest mistake u've ever made in a Maths Exam

    I wrote 1 x 3 = 1. When asked to find f(0), after finding a pronumeral within that function, I...forgot to sub in x. In an AP question, I found a. But when finding the term asked, I forgot to sub in a, only d. I often forget the second number in evaluating a definite integral. Yet we know...
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    I got 0 in my ext test

    ZOMG. HOW COULD YOU?! I LOVE CIRCLE GEOMETRY!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Its one of those things you look at and just...see. EASY MARKS. In fact, all geometry is easy marks! It's always prove this, prove that. You can't go wrong and miscalculate, as I usually do, or you know, forget to sub in a...
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    2007 Essay question help

    Same-sex couples. Adoption. Same-sex marriage. IVF. (There is so much to say about them <3) You may also disagree with that statment to an extent, just thought I'd point out. E.g. De Facto relationships have almost exactly the same legal recognition as marriages today. The law doesn't limp...
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    Workplace LCMD Thread

    For changes in Federal Workplace laws, use Victorian government and organisation sites. While they don't talk about NSW, they cover Commonwealth legislation way better. This applies for all topics, actually - especially in regards to international law. <3
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    What do you do in Legal Studies?

    LEGAL IS AWESOME. Depending on your teacher for a lot of what you do in class, but its actually really interesting. Might I also take the chance to mention its actually a History subject, not Social Science? This is because! You assess the way legal changes and the legal system have been...
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    A harder 2 unit finance question.. suppose to be easy but.... i cant do it

    Actually, you keep manipulating the equation and then use logs to solve it. I don't know if the answer's right or wrong, but I'll assume you're wrong because you've used a substitution where you shouldn't be. Using one, that is.
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    Key to so called 'division' induction (which by the way, is not division, its about proving something is a FACTOR) is factorisation. Say to prove um... (5^n)-1 is divisible by 4. In the second step, we assume this is true for n=k, i.e. (5^k)-1 = 4p, where p is any integer (so really...
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    I got 0 in my ext test

    ...MX1 is not an elite course in any way. And how you're doing in it is relative to how hard the papers are at your school anyway. Sometimes they have fun designing exams that no one can get full marks in. But 0... Prelim course, if I remember correctly, involves like um...simultaenous...