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    Law Camp 2009 Rollcall

    I'm coming too =D unless they don't accept my medical consent form coz i didnt have time to hand it in this week :( i'll have my luggage all day too =S thats gonna suck carrying all that crap around, if u see a tall bloke with a big blue and black bag slung over his shoulder complaining about...
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    did u choose globalisation or $A

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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Re: Multiple choice answers The question was wat the impact looked like, not wat the initial change looked like.
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    What do you think you got?

    Thx mate, i hope all goes well with ur UAI as well, hopefully eco doesn't bring u down much if u really screwed it. Or maybe u did well in the short answer and/or long response =)
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    What do you think you got?

    Well if its ur worst subject than i guess nothing can be done, don't worry about it so much
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    What do you think you got?

    Well im sorry i'm a bit worried about some of my other subs =S Eco is my best subject so im hoping to do as well as possible in it.
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    What do you think you got?

    Wow ur so funny...
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    What do you think you got?

    Pretty sure i got above 90, but i doubt any higher than 95. I came first in the year how do u guys reckon it would scale if i got like 90 raw?
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    Section II : Short Answer

    I liked the short answers mostly, i wrote about China implementing Special Economic Zones to attract TNC's the only one i found sorta hard but i still think i got it right, was the one about financial market deregulation, i wrote about like floating the dollar, and free movement of funds etc...
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    General Thoughts - Economics

    Same, cept i wrote 9 pages for the monetary policy q, and 8 pages for 26, i did the appreciation q.
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    Essay Predictions

    I hope ur right lol, i could write so much for those questions =D I reckon one on interest rates (ie. monetary policy, etc) and i'm hoping for one on free trade + protection? but it seems to me from past papers and stuff, there has to be one essay on issues, so yeah i'm happy with that first...
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    The most hated/ tricky question in 2 unit 2008

    Agreed. i think i fuked up the camera one =S
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    Who's relying on the days between exams to study?

    Mine r pretty close together too =S and i'm relying on quite a bit of inbetween study lol, i work much better when under pressure =D so far i've mostly studied for IT, english and eco though... thursday - IT friday- english adv. paper 1 monday - english adv. paper 2 then a week until the next...
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    To those who are considering to do this subject

    I dunno what u guys r all worried about with the UAI, IT is a great subject, and yes quite easy, doing well in the subject will get u a good UAI. My brother got a UAI of 96.05 with IT included because he sucked at business studies.