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    UTS Semester 2 2009 Buying and Selling Books Thread

    HEY i'm selling a PERFECT condition of 21129 Managing People & Organisations latest edition (managing and organisations 2nd edition CLEGG, KORINBERGER,PITSIS) + book of readings you would otherwise need to buy =) my price = $75 coops price: $99.95
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    hey ..this is mainly aimed to those in 2nd yr or above..i wanted to know how our notes shold be structured for our courses (bus/law). I'm so used to writing al my notes by following the syllabus but...what is the "syllabus" during uni or namely courses like business law and ethics, accounting...
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    hey there, i just wanted to know if your editing services are free?

    hey there, i just wanted to know if your editing services are free?
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    School Leavers Scholarships

    yupp rejected today :(
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    Scholarship Bonus Points

    heyy i got that too ..is it true only one person in the entrie year get it?
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    How many people around here have chem as their last exam?

    Meeeeeeee :D:D:D:D:D
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    UAI Guess Competition

    User: mermer UAI Guess: 90.25 Actual UAI: 94.8 :D Date Signed: November 5, 2008
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!! sersiously..i thought i failed that bitch of an exam but i checked what i wrote on me exam paper with what u wrote for answer (i wrote my answers on the booklet...
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    Thesis -history And Memory

    i just realized that there are no thesis statment forum for history and memory. Does anyone have any they'd like to share? i'm thinking i would adapt mine with the question, but anyways feel free to discuss this here :) oh, and good luck everyone on monday!
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    Need Reasssurance

    heyy thankx for replyingg :)) i know there are heapsssss of ways andi can still get into my course if get high 80's but i just want this cuz ..i just do loll makes me proud haha how corny ey
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    Need Reasssurance

    hi..i really need some reassurance. okay, my ranks and what i think my internal marks are 1/50 general maths 87 1/65 business studies 93 2/17 chemistry 79-80 2/55 legal (i mark difference) 92 4/29 eng advanced...
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    People with copies of the MC questions.

    thankx for uploading them..but i think there are some missng lol ..does anyone have a scanner or sumfin?
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    Q26 - Distribution strategies

    Re: Petition about Question 26 ..i didn't even think of direct exporting...but now that i do..it seems alright...couldn't u have put that AND selctive and all that crap? but nayway exporting is still a METHOD of expansion so dunno,..
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    2008 Business Studies Exam Predictions

    global would make life soo much easier but i've got a feeling they wont put it in ..it was in last years :(
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    Success One

    hey, i was wondering if anyone who has the LATEST success one book could scan the answers for the 2007 Q26 and 28.... i have the one that goes up to 2006 but i need answers to the 2007 question now thankyou :)
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    Party hire-chaircovers

    yesssssssssssss BOOKED! www.glamorouschaircovers.com.au should i go for green sashes or silver sashes on the chairs? cuz i got both colours on my dress :|
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    Party hire-chaircovers

    i'm holding my 18th soon so i'm looking for chaircovers and stuff for the community hall i'm using.. if anyones got any good places to ring please post here, i live in sydney western suburbs.. thankx!
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    Workplace LCMD Thread

    anyone got samply workplace hsc responses? the standard packages on the net don't have any workplace responses :(
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    Multiple Choice Help Plzz

    thankx so much for taking the time to help :D i agree these questions were pretty tricky, i guess i gotta look more carefully at the wording and what it wants