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    thanx, im jsut pissed... i never knew it scalled down.. specially that much.. but all well not much i can do about it now. just lucky i got into uni early i spose! howd u go?
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    okay, does anyone know what the go with the scalling of itp was like? i was going shit in the course and worked my ass of to get a 77 in the test, not that good.. but heaps better than i was going before.. then i jsut find out that my 77 becomes a 57 cuz it got scaled down, after we were told it...
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    Difficulty level of General

    yeah it wasnt that the test was realyl hard.. liek u guys said.. it was just that it didnt seem to be doing maths.. like so much more of the course, everyhting that weve done in teh course.. wasnt even it in... only algebra was a damn multiple choice! Just hope my marks are okay... my...
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    Did U Know

    wat did u all think about the maths test? wat did everyone think about the maths test? it wasnt that it was hard, there jsut didnt seem to be... much mahts in it..... all jsut reading graphs and stuf... mmmmm all well hope all u guys went okay!
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    What an easy exam

    yeah i agree.. the crime part was pretty gay, but question d was okay. The essays were okay.. jsut hope i dont get too much wrong in short answer and multiple choice!
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    Rules of law, rule of justice etc HELP!

    RULE of LAw principles that underpine it Government must be bound by same lwas Law should reflect informed public opinion Must be an independent judiciary Principles of Natural Justics should apply Enforcement of law must be impartial and honest laws based on respect for indidual human...
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    Collective Human Rights

    well im stressing... i dunno what they are going to ask us for the essay on family, or shelter. but GOOD LUCK to everyone!
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    I didn't do the Gantt chart in pencil, will I be penalised?

    yeah i said it was 10 weeks as well.. but who knows if thats right! i didnt know anything about doing gantt chart or design screen in pencil.... hope i dont get marks taken off!
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    Legal Studies

    I have like no time to study, i had ITP today, and im stressing. anyone have any ideas about what they will ask us for family and especillay shelter? i know fmaily okay, like children, defacto relationships, effectivness of the lasw, that stuff. but is anyone doing shlter??