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    Post Your 2009 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    Omg, I got into Economics & Finance at RMIT! So thrilled, didn't think i scored enough for that. Currently loving middle band offers.
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    $100000000000000 dollar note

    XE.com uses the official exchange rates.... which are like wayy off... The press uses the (more realistic) unofficial (black market) exchange rate. Same goes for the inflation rate... The zimbabwe government doesn't want to admit the situation is so bad so they artificially distort the facts....
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    Teenager shoots parents over Halo 3

    Kind of ironic no? parents don't let him play gun game due to bad influence, because of that they end up influencing him into shooting them.. something like that anyway. I just found it a little funny.
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    Anyone who's interested in New Generation degrees for next year

    Melbourne uni rarely accepts people with scores under 85... especially with the new melbourne model. So yeah, sadly that's not the go for me. But I've heard many people from both Melbourne uni and other unis who say this new generation B.S. is only doing the uni damage. Personally I haven't...
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    Top whatever gigs 2008

    1. Switchfoot at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 2. Sum 41 at Luna Park Sydney 3. Vandals at Luna Park Sydney 4. Incubus at Sunburst KL 5. George Clinton at Sunburst KL 6. Bowling for Soup at Luna Park 7. Pennywise at Luna Park 8. Pop Shuvit at Sunburst KL 9. everybody else except the Roots at...
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    Accomodation in Melbourne for next year?

    I got a place in RMIT Village Old Melbourne - I did the NSW HSC, basically told them I WILL be going to uni in Melbourne and they appeared to beleive me. Which is good, because now it looks like I'm actually going to RMIT (wasn't sure which uni before). But anyway, if you want to get one of...
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    UAC is a fraud!

    Mr Troll, Your UAI sucks. I know somebody who was tripping acid during the maths exam who beat you. Actually he got pretty good marks. Maybe that's the secret to maths - Acid :D
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    My parents were thrilled. I was a bit disappointed. And then I realised I beat my brother by more than 10 points.
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    Uai 80-89

    I got the lowest score out of all the people who got 80-89
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    First Place In Course List

    Malay Background Speakers - Yeoh Wan Xin, Australian International School Malaysia! Finally we get first in a course! (keep quiet about there only being one person taking the course... yeah...)
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    UAC is a fraud!

    Just in relation to the whole "UAC discriminates to those outside sydney" thing, that's complete and utter crap. If you have a look at the top ranking schools, there are many outside sydney, including several international schools. There were plenty of kids from my school (in malaysia) scoring...
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    I got 81.00, and did nothing all year.

    My current list of Hates: My fellow classmates for dragging my overall scores down Anything even minorly relating to chemistry. People like this. I say troll. "I'm a hot white girl". Yeah. Troll.
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    subjects u did which didnt count, did u regret doing it?

    My IPT teacher was pathetic and I barely put in any work for the entire year. Come the exam and I scored 85. It was actually my 2nd highest aligned score... After scaling.... it went down to low 60s - becoming my lowest score. I thought all along it wouldnt count but hey, it was a good backup.
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    Uai 80-89

    Adv English: 78 Mathematics: 83 Chem: 77 Economics: 78 Legal: 81 IPT: 82 UAI: 80.00 Disappointed yeah. If it was just off exams, my UAI would have been around 85-87... Plan on going on to do my 2nd choice which cutoff was 77. Melbourne here I come.
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    How many of you missed out for your course by like 1-3 marks!

    Yeah I missed out on B Business (Economics and Finance) @ RMIT by about 3.5... Unless I'm lucky enough for it to shift seriously downwards, I'll just go for B Business (Management) at the same uni and hopefully switch over. It's all good anyway, just economics and finance interests me a little more.
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    what if you don't get UAI you wanted?

    See, I did something stupid. I started off with an aim of 80. Later in the year, it became 85. And then as the HSC approached, i was hoping for 90. As the results came nearer however, i became more realistic, hoping for 85. And I ended up with 80.00 My advise is to set an aim and stick to it...
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    Results countdown

    4 hours 38 minutes to go. FatJ bloody Nervous
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    Muslims declare fatwa on ..............YOGA

    The saddest thing - You say it's extremists, yet this is actually a LEGALLY enforcable ruling in Malaysia. More and more proof of how this country is going to the shits. Time to get out :D
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    Aboriginal family suing Reserve Bank using relative image on $50 note + Paypal?

    I reckon these kids who are suing should get helmets... somebody's gonna beat the shit out of them real soon. could help. What? you guys were thinking it...
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    Writer/Producer of Blinky Bill - ISRAELI

    Yeah bro. Cuz jews are totally allowed in this country. Yeah like its free and all like Australia yeah? haha. And snore... that was you going on about the petrol...