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    Provisional Exam Timetable Semester 1 2004

    i'm really pissed off about this timetable - i have an exam on a sat and I'm jewish!!!
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    2003 Exam, Question 8 - Finally resolved!

    godamn hippies
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    crime - how it was marked this year

    not as easy as you might think considering how little people were prepared to get a question on international crimes. my teacher marked the 2003 paper and said they were throwing away marks because this was a tough question and because not many people knew the answers. There is no gaurantee...
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    hello! HSC Prediction plz!!

    i want to be you *cries*
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    2 easy questions

    sorry double post :P but seriously - i am just curious
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    2 easy questions

    where is your TEXTBOOK mate???
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    2 easy questions

    where is your TEXTBOOK mate???
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    fiscal policy

    the role of fiscal policy is clearly set out 1. the reallocate resources 2. to redistribute income 3. Stabilise economy (counter cuclical action) it works both for internal and external stability - particularly in the are of public sector debt (now trying to minimise it and encourage...
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    hahaha ofcourse i will be able to learn the new ones - u kidding!!!
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    HELP ME! - a few questions

    heheh good revision, i liked it!
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    Policies of Income Distribution?

    yeah thats right the point is that the govt is kinda taking a back seat on this issue there is fiscal policy things like you said, such as the two auto stabilisers but there are also policies that PREVENT more equitable distribution, you must mention that rather than what the govt IS...
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    Micro-economic reform question, MUST READ

    Financial Sector First sector to experience micro Deregulation occurred early 80s = floating of $A and removal of RBAs direct monetary controls over banks Reforms encouraged innovation/efficiency in the financial sector by increasing comp b/w all financial enterprises through intro of...
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    HELP ME! - a few questions

    1. Briefly explain how the Reserve Bank could intervene in the foreign exchange market to influence the exchange rate of the $A. Answer: the RBA could intervene through Dirting the Float or through Interest Rates. It could dirty the float by being a buyer and seller of $A - if it sold $a...
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    History Extension AND Economics

    damn eco to be one of the last exams!!!!!
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    budget surplus and IR

    well about the IR - if the fiscal policy is in surplus, that means they addopt a more contractionary aproach - which could be matched with a relatively expansionary monetary policy - otherwise we will have a reccession caused by the same thing as the early 90s recession, too contractionary macro.
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    effet of interest rate

    the high the interest rate the most foreigners demand $AUD for investment purposes. Thus the higher rate will increase demand and increased demand of $AUD means an appreciation
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    erg impact of Glob.

    it absolutely fine - u'll ace it
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    Stupid question time: Whats a trade union?

    a trade union is a group formed by workers to reduce the power of employers. They bargain collectively for wage rises or better working conditions and thing like that -like the teacher's trade union - if you're in a public school, chances are your teacher belongs to one their power has been...
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    erg impact of Glob.

    yeah refer to my post blondie in my thread hehe
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    Impact of Globalisation on Australia

    yeah that the general one - and you can talk about all that so you're fine, don't stress. I was wondering more about the specifics of eco growth like financial flows and trade flows and all that. You have to first prove that Australia is globalised to show the impact and likewise for your case study