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    arts/law course outline

    yeah your right. you have to do more arts units i guess.
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    arts/law course outline

    you basically have about about 13 core law units you must complete. each unit is has certain pre-requisites, so that in first year you do 100 level law units, 2nd year 200 level ext.. this is what the handbook requires you to do, in order to complete law here is a quick program i did based on...
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    400/500 Law Electives

    i was just glancing at some of the pre requisites for 400/500 law electives, and most seem to be flexible. does this mean, i can start doing these electives as soon as 2nd and third year?
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    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers unfortunately the exemptions process seems to be a tedious bureaucratic exercise, where you will have to show up in person on the 13th, receive academic advising and converse with an exemptions officer. everything seems to be done on the spot, and will probably...
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    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers good question. I am trying to find out myself. dropped in an email to the student center, but have not received an answer just yet - they are rightfully busy this time of year. in some institutions your enroll before, then get your exemptions/cps sorted out...
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    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers i got my credit for previous study form back in the mail today. they granted me 23cp at 100 level and 0cp at 200 level. this is roughly how they calculate it: although i am about to do law, i think they only considered the BA or i.e 68cp and that's precisely why...
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    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers i recieved a uac main round offer from Macquarie University. But as a NRSL, am i required to enroll between the 2nd-6th of feb, or instead enroll on Friday 13 February, the same day i can claim credit for previous studies? perhaps i must attend both days. any...
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    law transfer for macquarie university

    cheers. but im not transfering internally. im at a different university at the moment.
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    law transfer for macquarie university

    if i succesfully externally transfer into a combined law degree at maq, is it possible to finish the degree in the usual 5 years?
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    Industrial Relations

    Hi does Macquarie University offer units of study which relate specifically to IR? I know theres a HRM major/degree available, but does it provide a thorough analysis of a macro system including unions, the state ext.. not just the with the organisatin. Im looking for something similar to...
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    B Economic & Social Sciences

    cheers guys. you read me like a book!
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    fark, was kinda hoping they would have near east for ancient history! what units can i do, which investigate civilsations like the hittites, hurrians ect..?
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    B Economic & Social Sciences

    dam, thats pritt much the only thing i was looking forward to. edit: do you recomend i dont major in Gov + int relations? plus wtf are these 'gov exchange' units.."departmental permission required"
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    i'm considering it...milano
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    hey. how would i go about doing a Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences, and then transfering to a journalism degree at sydney uni, or uts, or even int studies at syd uni ...is it even possible? cheers,
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    Multiple Choice

    overall test = piss easy. the only Q which pissed me off was 11, where A B or C could have been right. i put A statutes, but fark knows which one is right. now for art. ciao
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    2007 Finished Works

    god bless art. i got like 48/50 with minimal effort. lots of research though. post-modernism is a joke, couldnt bare to do it. anyway dont know if you guys even heard of futurism, but i based my art on that movement. my friends work kills everyones. i'll try and get a pic
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    General Thoughts - Geography

    your a poof like jason stephens adn the rest of the poof 'shire' go vote for rudd u you left wing marxist bastard
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    has it ever occured to you fools that his taking the piss??????? fuk some people are gullible and blind.
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    General Thoughts - Geography

    need some help. for my section 3 responces, i did all essays, with no diagrams. is this ok. or am i facked. you guys are lucky you actually had a geo teacher to teach you!