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    question 23 answers

    for c) i got 50, it worked out as 29+21
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    Q24 biii

    total income from two jobs = 69424 total tax payable on both jobs = 19373.52 minus tax from income = 50050.45 net income from job 1 = 58624 - 14410.0 = 44213.2 take 44213.2 from 50050.45 and you get the net income for job 2, which is 5837.28 divide by 12 months = 486.44
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    Look At Q. 7 !!!

    BOS is trying to test us, not trick us
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    multiple choice Q10

  5. L

    catholic trials/HSC

    yeah, the HSC is written in April.... just a coincidence
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    Question 8 was Tort law

    last time i checked, this question was from the law and society topic.. not consumers.....
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    Poll Question 8 - Cerial Box

    think about it this way..... take away all your knowledge of consumers if you did that as an option... the question is from law and society... at this stage there was nothing learnt about privity to a contract and all that shit
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    did the compliance question have to do with "does the law reflect the morals and ethics of socitiey, and if not why do people choose not to comply with the law" i wasnt sure, so i did b for both
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    how ridiculous

    yeah it is bullshit how we study world cities, mega cities, urban dynamics, case study of large city and then one urban dynamic in a town.... and then we only get one question on on section
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    Module A - Transformations

    what kinda pen do you use? i want one!!!