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  1. J

    Multiple Choice

    I reckon they will take C and D for 7
  2. J

    Best Albums of 2011

    Mylo Xyloto-Coldplay
  3. J

    What are some good movie classics?

    Shawshank defs Gran Torino Weekend at Bernie's 1
  4. J

    Best TV series EVER

    ^^Yer love the office so sad Michael left, saddest moment ever, the notebook has nothing on Michael Scott leaving 1. The Office-US 2. HIMYM 3. The Big Bang Theory 4. Seinfeld 5. Monk 6. Rules of Engagement 7. Modern Family 8. Two and a Half Men
  5. J

    the office.

    If it is the US version Yes, i am not an emotional person but when Michael Scott left the Office, you couldnt help but feel a part of you died, and that letter to dwight, but i really love that show, its so funny. I love Jim and the pranks he plays on Dwight can only hope that season 8 isnt its last
  6. J

    Who Is the Best Soccer Player of Recent Times?

    I voted Messi, but i think Xavi and Iniesta are just as influencial as he is considering the opportunites they give him, he never seems to dominate for Argentina as he does for Barca. So i think Iniesta and Xavi should be there
  7. J

    Carbon Tax

    It is pretty hypocritical to introduce this tax and export the same amount of natural resources to China, i mean we are basically China's quarry so what is the point if they don't take an intiative as well, but there are always going to be pro's and con's. But we are the world leader in carbon...
  8. J

    What is the mass cut off for red giants and super giants?

    Don't all stars turn into red giants between 0-10 solar masses and ones with solar masses greater than 11 turn in supergiants. I think thats how it goes, but i'd check
  9. J

    Katich will never wear the baggy green while Clarke is captain

    Can't forget the Big Bash that should be some great viewing inbetween the test matches
  10. J

    Katich will never wear the baggy green while Clarke is captain

    I think it was more or less just for some international experience, personally i believe he has the potential to become a very good all-rounder seeing as he can bowl around 140km/hr and during the u19's world cup came in at first drop. At this stage though there is no spot in the team for him
  11. J

    Katich will never wear the baggy green while Clarke is captain

    Smith isnt a batter or a bowler yet, dam good fielder though, i think rightfully he lost both his test and one day spots as he needs to improve both aspects of his game before he is at international standards