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    Please help with this question

    The above equation is displacement so unfortunately won't answer "how far" the particle travels (distance) if we were to just sub in 2pi. I think possibly finding the distance travelled between 0 and pi/2 on the sin curve (since it's all in one direction) then multiply by 4 (to complete the 4...
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    USYD / UNSW Medicine

    Adding on to jimmysmith's post, UNSW did release some stats about the 2021-entry cohort in an information evening event: Local median selection rank was 99.82 Local lowest selection rank was 99.50 Local medican UCAT score was 3106 Local lowest UCAT score was 2890 Again these aren't hard...
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    Mod 6 neutralisation multiple choice

    I believe the keyword here is "completely react". Yes, acetic acid is weak and in solution will partially ionise, however in neutralisation with a base it fully reacts to form a salt + water. Not sure if this is the right way to think about it (haven't touched chem in a while), but possibly...
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    Latin Continuers tutors recommendation

    Hello~ Glad to hear you are taking Latin to your senior years!! As much as I like Latin, I unfortunately don't tutor for it xD (and haven't touched it much since HSC), but I do know someone in my cohort who is up for the job (he ranked first internally :D. and doing Latin in uni) so I can refer...
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    Can someone please check my working for vectors?

    Mistake right at the end!! D: 1 = \frac{1}{2} \alpha + \alpha 1 = \frac{3}{2} \alpha \alpha =\frac{2}{3}
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    Maths question help (with worked solutions)

    From the question diagram and the solutions diagram, it seems that they have swapped position of A and B which might explain the confusion
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    What is the policy for 4u maths at baulko?

    If I recall, in my year they ranked everyone from all the Prelim 3U assessments and the top 80 to top 100 get in (so like 4 to 5 classes for 4u depending on cohort strength etc)
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    Recovering from a very bad result.

    I have to be honest, 15-16 is not a bad result, nor a very bad result either! Rest assured, I assume this is your first assessment out of many in your HSC year; you have plenty of chances to prove yourself and work back on your losses. Like many people have said above, treat each loss as...
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    What HSC subjects do future doctors choose in Australia?

    Maybe consider taking more than 10 units (so possibly keeping PDHPE and/or Legal Studies or whichever subject you enjoy more, or keeping extension mathematics); taking just 10 units has a few possible risks (namely, no backup units in case of any stuff-ups), but it is fine to take 10 in year 12...
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    Maths-Ext 1/2 Marks Lost and Hardest Topics

    3u: perms and combs defs, binomials too, vector proofs 4u: proofs for sure, 3D vector proofs mainly Basically a lot of the topics that require visualisation or a lot thinking are the ones I think people lose the most marks on since either it is too hard to visualise, or since it can be so...
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    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Our grade came back to talk with teachers today and we found out from the English faculty
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    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Baulko actually got around 100 band 6s in English!!! Also that +7 in the rankings LOL
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    Type on a PDF document

    Oh thanks for the update! What about for the Windows 10 and Office Suite redemption?
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    Type on a PDF document

    https://nsw-students.onthehub.com/WebStore/Welcome.aspx Redeem on this website using the student email given by the Department of Education (This is how I did it before, but I haven't used it in some time so not sure if they changed what can be redeemed or something). Anyway some other cool...
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    What HSC subjects do future doctors choose in Australia?

    Don't worry too much, from your previous posts about 4u and phys I think you will do great! I definitely believe you can get well above the atar cutoff so have some hope!
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    What HSC subjects do future doctors choose in Australia?

    It was in their Medicine Seminars (iirc during Open Day), but this screenshot was on MSO. They are being pree transparent with data which is a good thing!
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    What HSC subjects do future doctors choose in Australia?

    UNSW was actually much harder to get into unfortunately. Median UCAT was 3021.2
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    Latin translation help

    centurio is the nominative subject, tristis is also nominative, agreeing with it. The verb pertulit I would assume can be translated along the lines of ‘reported’ (comes from “perfero”, it is perfect tense), which would then introduce the indirect statement. Quintum is the one being ’reported...
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    Good luck everyone! Try your best and it’s all worth it!