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    cumberland 07

    me n my friend got into diagnostic radiography. see you's all ther on tues for enrolling. =D
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    Post your 2007 University Offers Here!

    Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiation Science) Diagnostic Radiography - full time at University of Sydney, cheering.
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    Section 1 - Law & Society

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    Section 1 - Law & Society

    sonia smells =D
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    What Did You Think?

    lol crime fiction was basic. been doin this mystery n discovery stuff the whole year and the creative was ok as well. anyone could wrap a prepared story around the picture. hopin for at least 40/50.
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    Catholic trials 2006. how r they?

    was it? meh. goes to show high my marks gna b .. a wells.
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    Catholic trials 2006. how r they?

    yeh , the population was stuffed. they prolly din check the pape rite...n did u notice that q3b, induction. teachers came in half way changin the questions around coz ther was a typo that changed the q. heh
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    Catholic trials 2006. how r they?

    yeh ur supposed to times it by pi the simpsons stuff i fink...for the cd question. did anyone get 0.2km?
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    Class of 'o6.//.Now What??

    haha mai smells. =D jks. im gna get into bachelor of radiography. if not becomin a teacher. syykd. later all.
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    Catholic trials 2006. how r they?

    2 teachers from my school wrote the maths paper today. was alrite i guess. expectin 85%+. the only reason they made it a bit harder is coz for the last few papers they wrote they got complaints from other schools sayin it was too easy. hhaah on behalf of my teachers..theyre sorry? hahaha, but...
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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    OK...sorry guys but im so iffy bout all this info coz too many teachers have too many views....just wna ask. say for example my marks n ranks compared to the person comin firstt are the following...(this is what i am so far) me 1st placed student adv...