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    is the UAI getting progressively lower year by year?

    well SAM has problems and so do these predictions of taking 1.3 off the 2004 mark cause i was predicted at 94.95 in 2004 but i got 95.80!!!! so stoked!!
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    i cant believe it was so low!

    woo hooo!! SAM predicted 94.95 for 04 minus 1.2-1.3 marks and i got 95.80!!!!
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    Standard English Vs Advanced English

    I just checked my results on SAM and by using the exact same marks it basicaly says that i would have got a higher UAI if i had done standard rather than advanced. Is this a problem with SAM or is the system f@#ked? My results where: Advanced eng:80 Maths:95 Ext 1 Maths:47 Engineering:93...
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    What to do when you receive your results

    wooo hoo!! results are OUT!!! SAM predicts 96.6 HELL YEAH!!!! one question, with 3 unit maths i got 47/50, now do i put 47 into the calculator or change that to outa 100?
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    shipwrecks, corrosion n conservation

    the two metals were connected via the ions in the solution
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    shipwrecks, corrosion n conservation

    i checked with my teacher and she agreed with this. we all know that the mg is more active, therefore it acts as a sactraficial anode and corrodes before then iron nail, once it has completely corroded, the iron nail is now capable of corroding itself, but the mg must be gone first...although...
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    multiple choice...WTF?

    i got B its deffinately B cause its too heavy to hold itself together C C wasnt sure how to work this out so divided 2676 by molecular mass, prolly wrong?? D B A C B it has to be B cause sulfuric ionises at 100% and using ph=-log[H+] u get 1. that right? B this just looked familiar in...
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    Chemistry - General Thoughts

    ha, i looked at that 7 marker question for 15 mins and though "WHAT THE FUCK???" then with 15 mins to go in the exam i looked again and went "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now i get ya, simple!" so i had only half a page left (righting bullshit stuff b4 to try and scum 1 mark from it) to write about...
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    q4 biased toward 4 unit

    im just a 3 uniter and i looked at it and knew straight away. our teacher gave us like 20 questions on integrating those types of ones so i knew it well. in the 3 unit excel formula book it actuallly has those in it and it states that 3 unit students are xpected to realise that its the...
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    3 Unit AND 4 Unit or just 3 Unit???

    god damn, why so many poeple doin 4 unit??? our school has 5 doin 3 unit and none on 4 unit (originaly 4 at the start lol, then one left the school and the rest dropped it) more doin 4 unit means more people doin better in 3 uni which means my mark scalled down :( oh well
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    3 Unit AND 4 Unit or just 3 Unit???

    Ive been seeing that HEAPS of people do 4 unit as well, and i was just wondering how many people do 4 unit compared to just us 3 uniters. please tell us what you do cause i recon everyone would find it interestin
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    How was the exam?

    i thought it wasnt too bad a paper. i thought 2004 and 2003 where pretty easy so i tohught this would be hard, but it wasnt, and damn Q7 was an easy Q7 to usual, i got 6 marks max 4 it but it was good. and what was wrong with the diagram, i agree it does look very 2D, which is what i first...
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    How was the exam?

    i didnt think it was a very bad exam. it was fairly easy but i thought it was quite time consuming so if you didnt manage your time very well it would have been hard, but that question 7 was pretty decent and wasnt one of those things where you just look at it and cry, so that was good. hoping...
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    Calling my 20% Brothers and Sisters

    i didnt write that, jonas manley bitch logged into me user
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    Calling my 20% Brothers and Sisters

    i killed it.easy peasy japanesy i am the greatest justr call me mr nerd matty lyons
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    How did everyone go? (Discussion)

    yeah i know, its gotta be done, maybe i shoulda done more than just 2004 practice paper...but it was a harder question ten than usual i thought. oh well, time to study for 3 unit, ahh crap..
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    General Thoughts on 2005 Examination

    Ahhhhhhh, cheers, sounds like you read the question and i didnt... Oh well, i was lucky that i still picked the right one anyway so thats all that matters really, thanks for the explanation.
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    How did everyone go? (Discussion)

    damn people who are too fast onto the comps, i wanted to be first dammit. well, i thought it was a pretty easy exam up to question 10, then i thought it was more like 3 unit questions, nearly. ovarall recon i got bout 80+ maybe 85, not the usuall 90 though i dont recon cause of stupid mistakes...
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    Who will continue with this field

    I wana do mechanical engineering at MONASH!!!!! go monash, hope i get in...give me a UAI of 92 and im guarunteed, please oh please oh please, and why isnt anyone else onto mechanical, wats with this love of civil hey??
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    General Thoughts on 2005 Examination

    yeah i was thinking that when i saw it, but when i plugged it in with the possitive value i got the same numerical value as D, but a few decimal places out, so i checked it with -6 and it was spot on, typo in the test obviously