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  1. K

    CVEN2501 - Principles of Water Engineering Textbook

    I didn't buy it as the lecture notes are quite beastly already. Like 30 pages a week.
  2. K

    Do we really need to buy textbooks for engineering ?

    Mate just grab the pdf's off torrents. Save your money.
  3. K

    Semester 1 results

    I did CVEN1300, its an alright course. Just do the tutorials each week and you'll be fine, lecturer wasn't that great due to a bad accent If i recall, difference between CVEN1300 and MMAN1300 is CVEN1300 is more based on statics, spent like maybe 9 out of 12 weeks on it, then the last 3 weeks...
  4. K

    ECON1101 on Blackboard...

    Can you send them to me too? If you don't mind/the person who came first doesn't mind. Thanks
  5. K

    Dealing with asian flush

    You answered your own question with that wiki link. Zantac tablets get on that shit.
  6. K

    hipsters at cofa

    Is that rhetorical?
  7. K

    Recommend me a netbook

    Get an ASUS 1215N, should be able to get it for around $600. It'll play games.
  8. K

    Major events at UNSW

    oktoberfest goes off
  9. K

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    9am starts, f that
  10. K

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    Or even better, get one tutor, get all your help from him. Then get it marked by another tutor who will think you did all the work. Hi 5/5. If all else fails, find the smart asian and partner up :D
  11. K

    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Just go to all of pahors lecture man, stuff the course pack.
  12. K

    general UNSW chit-chat

    3 exams in 3 days, DO NOT WANT how are your final exam timetables peeps?
  13. K

    New 'The Pacific' trailer!

    Part 1 was alright, good start so far.
  14. K

    Is it possible to swap my tutes without loosing my course enrollment?

    Yeah go for it mate, if u don't like the tutes that are available, just click cancel and your previous enrollment will still be intact. Just click swap on the course you want to change, then enter the same course name again and have a look at what tutes are there.
  15. K

    Post Your Timetable - S1 2010 Edition

    Yep i had something similar 1st sem, pretty awesome you managed to get tues off. Just gotta get moving to and from John Clancy because they arent close to your other classes. Maybe leave the previous lecture a tad early or something.
  16. K

    Best game of all time??

    Mafia had a real good storyline. One of my favourites. Mafia II is coming out soon too.
  17. K

    Whats youre fav MW2 Killstreak?

    This is the funniest kill ive ever seen. YouTube - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 AMAZING KILL best kill ! ( pro ) knife Woulda sucked to be the guy on the receiving end.
  18. K

    First Person Shooters with an awesome single player campaign

    Mass Effect is pretty cool.
  19. K

    Left 4 Dead 2: Banned in Australia.

    This. Preordered my 4 pack a while back doing this as well, been distributed to mates. Demo was uncensored too. I think it comes out on tuesday. Ive preloaded so im good to go.
  20. K

    Is Engineering for Me?

    its pretty competitive, its a kickass program if u get in.