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    What is more important, rank or marks??

    as an 04 student, trust me, ranks are most important, if ur assessment marks are all 40% yet u get first in every subject.. well then u go get higher marks say 80% in the external exam and all ur assessment marks get moderated to 80% so ur way better off. make sure ur in the top few of each...
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    Tips: Studying for Physics

    as a '04 physics student i recommend to you all summarising the syllabus, or at least writing up notes based on the syllabus, and doing lots of past papers, there is a text book out called Success One Physics or something, best book ever. especially since the science hsc exams are based entirely...
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    2005 EES people?

    im a 2004 EES student.. it's a very easy subject. one major hint for this subject (and all sciences) is go completely off the syllabus with ur revision cos the questions are exactly from there. so just go thru all the dot points and summarise them. trust me on this it worked for me.
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    Your goal vs Actual UAI

    what i needed 91.00 what i wanted 90.00+ (as there were other options at about 90 UAI) what i expected after hearing my results 92 what i got 88.35 FUCK IT!
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    Highest UAI at your school?

    98.70 public non-selective, Davidson high (rnaked 157th this year) pretty bogan school!
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    Post your HSC Marks + UAI for SAM 04 results

    Advanced English 78 Mathematics 2U 89 Physics 85 Economics 86 Earth/Enviro 89 SAM 2003 = 90.55 2004 UAI = 88.35 a bit disappointed especially since some of my friends with lower scaled subjects and similar marks ended up with UAIs in the 90s...
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    89ers right here

    i didnt get 89, i got 88.35 but i still feel ur pain, my goal for 2 years has been to get 90.00, i asked for no more, i would take no less, but i got less... and the gay thing is wen i saw my results i thought i would get into the 90s.... grrr
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    Anbody got UAI of 90+ with low scaled subjects?e.g gen maths

    i think scaling is fucked and doesnt exist. this year i got: 2 u adv english = 78 physics = 85 economics = 86 2 u maths 89 earth/enviro = 89 i was expecting into the 90s as most of those subjects are scaled, but i ended up with... UAI=88.35 so i missed my preferences... absolute...
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    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    SAM predicted 90.85 or somethin, and i got 88.35, im a bit pissed off cos i need 89 grrr
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    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    not as good as everyone else on here, i got 88.35 which isnt bad but i needed 89-91 range for my preferences so ive missed out on all of my preferences.. so gutted right now.. give me a rope..
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    Official HSC Results Thread: So how did u go?

    eng adv 78 2u maths 89 earth/enviro 89 economics 86 physics 85 im reasonably happy but i need 91 UAI and i am not very confident that ill get it with those marks :S
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    Stimulus short answer Q's?

    yeah maybe only 50/100 if ur unlucky and hav a dislexic marker
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    Can someone please tell me how rank effect ur final marks??

    yeah gordos method doesnt work cos say a class of students total assessment marks added to 500, and u got 15% of the marks (assessment mark of 75). we are assuming here that a number of students did really badly and got 20 in their assessments. in the final exams everyone studies really hard...
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    Why is UAi getting lower each year?

    UAI doesnt get lower. basically to dtermine ur UAI they do all their scaling shit then add up the marks to form an aggregate out of 500 (10 units, each unit is out of 50) and so once they have this aggregate they rank u from 1st to last, (1st has close to 500, last has close to 0) and then they...
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    multiple choice

    how can they have the same velocity. think about it as half-flight motion, if u drop somethin off a cliff and at the same time u push somethin horizontally off a cliff, both land at the same time.
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    multiple choice

    no. its 8/ square root of 1- 0.6squared/1squared 0.6 x 0.6 is 0.36, 1-0.36 is 0.64 square root of 0.64 is 0.8 8 / 0.8 = 10