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    Is GEOGRAPHY worth IT?

    geography is the most straight forward subject of the lot, its mainly just using logic. Well worth keeping
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    the 'im screwed for modern' thread

    There is so much shit to remember for modern compared to other subjects and in the end you only use 10% of it thats the problem.
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    Saw it last night, worst movie ever... It was so incredibly generic and the only doom element was really the fps point of view near the end. Offensive to gamers everywhere. Without a doubt Halo will be better!
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    You call that an Exam?

    I cannot understand why people are annoyed that it was easy, while easy you still had to rely on knowledge that you'd of picked up had you been studying and paying attention during the year. You must have very unfulfilling lives to complain about something being 'too easy'. Go listen to some...
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    can one u explain something to me?

    This is enlightening, it makes me realise i'd rather work in Macca's for the rest of my days then repeat with 'peeps whous cants spellz lolz'. In general terms machine gun caused the stalemate. You will learn the rest later.
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    people, period.
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    Your standards

    You'll die of shame if you get under...80 You won't tell anyone what you got if you get less than....78 You will be satisfied with over... 83 You'll be bloody estatic with over... 86.5 (ARTS AT USYD SECURED)
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    Leaving Exams Early

    People are allowed to leave after an hour at my school. Two of my friends do it all the time as they have completely given up. Infact a BOS offical talked to one of them today before he left asking him "why are you wasting your life?". He used the excuse "I get tired all the time and cant study...
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    sweet! I'm in the same position!
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    Save the planet or free your soul?

    keep them of course, never know when you might wake up in 2001 again.
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    Thoughts - How did you all find the exam?

    My thoughts... That exam was crap!!! Hardly anything I had studied could be applied to the reports except as very brief examples. Overall I hope do to well in the reports but it seems like the general idea at the board of studies was to completely throw off people who were relying on their...
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    Nice, Sad, Songs

    The End is outstanding but their saddest song is most likely "The Severed Garden"....a recording of Morrison reading poetry about death to the rest of The Doors playing classical music on their instruments
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    Nice, Sad, Songs

    That it is! Live in Pompeii version is the best version of it.
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    Best MODERN day guitarist

    if its post 1990... Billy Corgan prior to that David Gilmour
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    Nice, Sad, Songs

    Celestial Voices - Pink Floyd
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    Students block people out of Education discussion

    Good to see students block Nelson, hopefully it'll actually have an impact on the no VSU cause.
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    Need a UAI Prediction Please.

    Thanks very much for your help looks like I've got to kill the HSC then
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    Ideas for ext assess next year...please?

    Do something you are actually interested in otherwise you will lose interest and it will show. I researched on Rudolf Hess's motives for solo his flight and apparent peace mission to Scotland in 1941 (Hess was Hitler's 3rd in command so it was SLIGHTLY odd). If you can find something weird and...
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    Trials :)

    Results 20/25 What is history? Essay 19/25 Case Study: Appeasement Essay
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    Need a UAI Prediction Please.

    okay My school is scaled all the way down to the ranking of. 514... I think these are the RAW marks. As far as band 6'ers per subject. TRIAL MARKS English Adv. 73% a few band 4s mainly band 5s and a few band 6s Ext English1 70% one band 3 who dropped out of the course mainly band 4s and...