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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Pretty good test. Not great but good. My time management was retarted though. Thats a first in Ancient History for me... P&H was fairly easy... When I first read Amphitheatre, I was like WTF? bt that ended up being a really good question, for me personally. Its the last one there that I...
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    Meh... had about 3 hours sleep, covered most of New Kingdom Egypt (skipped the questions they asked last year... so i hope to god they dont ask about military campaigns... anything else in the "internal developments" would be a heaven send) Hatshepsut is a lovely lovely bullshit section. I...
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    Section II : Short Answer

    LOL my Business Studies teacher was the one responsible for the short answers :D
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    What do you think you got?

    75-85 Was hoping I'd get 85 plus... But I reckon I'll probably get around 77ish
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    Essay Predictions

    LOL What a prediction.:)
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    General Thoughts - Economics

    Wow... you all found it easy? Damn, I like economics and I found it to be hard at some parts (maybe cause i dont study enough... meh) I found multiple choice to be fairly easy. Short answers are a mixed bag, some tough cookies, some easy ones (to me the 5 markers were quite easy)...
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    Creative Writing Cliches

    THEN WHO WAS PHONE?!?!?111?!/?