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    Anyone else having trouble with pre-enrolment?

    Grrr, I've been having problems with pre-enrolment for two days straight now. I went to MyAdmin, clicked on the Pre-Enrolment option, and NOTHING showed up. Yesterday, nothing showed up on the entire MyAdmin page either. Is it just me who's having trouble with this?
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    Federer breaks Nadal clay streak at Hamburg!!! French Open Next?

    Roger Federer 2 6 6 Rafael Nadal 6 2 0 DANG! So what's gonna happen at the French?!?
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    Examination seats?

    Hey guys, I'm totally new at this, so it's pretty much gonna sound like a dumb question... but is commonplace to have different rooms for the same exam? Cos me and my friend do two subjects together and we're in different exam rooms for both. Thanks!
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    Is it possible to...

    ...access my files from the USyd server from home??
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    Freaking out about your exams?

    Is anyone else freaking out about their upcoming exams? I just found out that the 'essential' bibiliography for one of my subjects was exactly that: ESSENTIAL. Duh, right? But considering there's more than 40 books in that list, I didn't think anyone would've been bothered to read all of them...
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    French Open

    Anyone watching/keeping tabs on the Federer/Nadal game right now?
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    I. Am. Dead.

    Oh dear. Today, I just realised that I didn't even include a freaking bibliography for my history assignment. I am a major IDIOT. Can I just ask, does this mean I'm guaranteed a Fail? I footnoted everything to a T, by the way, so is there hope? Can someone please hold me while I cry?
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    Timetable Changes...

    MyUni's not letting me change my timetable... when I indicate a certain time period during which I could not attend any lectures or tutorials, that period of time shows up in blue but does not put the class inside it somewhere else... anyone else having this problem??? Any ideas what to do?
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    Is this a good deal?

    Fiction, Film and Power... someone's selling me all three texts for $55. I have no idea if that's a good deal or not (or if it's safe. Sorry, I'm really paranoid). Can anyone tell me? Pleeease. And if you could find a better deal please tell me about it... thank you so much!
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    Regarding would-be history teachers...

    One of the lecturers I talked to during Enrolment Day said that to be qualified to teach history, I would have to do subjects from History, Ancient History AND Australian History. Can anyone tell me how this works? This year I'm doing only History subjects (The Middle Ages and Renaissance &...
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    Question regarding course material, books, texts, etc

    Okay, so this might sound like a dumb question, but anyway. Im doing Classical Mythology this semester and I've just checked out the list of materials that I needed for the course. I nearly fell off my seat when it listed 60+ materials, most of which appear to be library books! Do I necessarily...
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    Clubs and Societies... are they still there tomorrow?

    I knew a few societies won't be having stalls... but are there gonna be some that'll have theirs still up tomorrow? On the O-week website it doesn't seem to have the Clubs and Societies on during Friday...
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    Notes... how much do they cost?

    Can someone give me a rough estimate of how much student notes are?
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    Know anyone, or going it alone?

    Is anyone else out there like me... who knows NO-ONE who is going to USyd and is totally FREAKED OUT about being nigellated?!
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    Changed my mind about a UoS... what do I do?

    I wanna change from Latin 1.1 to an Ancient History subject (as an elective). MyUni doesn't seem to have an option allowing me to do that atm... what do I do? :S
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    USyd Enrollment Confirmation Letters?

    I read somewhere that we were supposed to get a confirmation letter 10 days after enrolment. I still haven't gotten mine... and I'm wondering if anyone has.
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    "RENT" ...the movie

    Is anyone else eagerly anticipating "Rent"? I saw the musical last year, which was staged by APIA in the city, and I thought it was awesome.
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    Officially enrolled USyd'er... but wanna change units!

    Okay fine, I know I was being really stupid when I picked Latin 1.1, considering that it's got FOUR lectures in a week plus a tutorial. I really wanna change it to something else... maybe Reality, Ethics and Beauty or even an Ancient History subject. Does anyone know how I could do this? Some...
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    USYD Enrollment; Choosing subjects...

    I haven't chosen my subjects yet! Do I really need to know EVERYTHING I'm doing by tomorrow?!?
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    HELP! Questions concerning a friend's situation.

    My friend got a UAI of 58, and he was hoping to get into Nursing at UWS, which is around 60. He did the RET test at UWS and did fairly okay... top 15% for the writing section and top 45% for multiple choice. I was thinking this would be enuf to get him in, plus da fact that it was his first...