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    Applying for Credit recognition

    So I am applying for a few units that I studied at another uni and they are similar to the BScIT first year core units. 2 of them are pre-req for other subjects so I cant really enroll in the other units than those that I am applying credit for. I heard it takes 4-6 weeks to get the results...
  2. Z

    Canceling my gym membership

    I have been a member for about 6 months and I go very rarely, I haven't been going for almost a month now (being charged every fortnight). So when I went there and registered I advised them that I didn't want to do a contract cause I was not sure if I will stay long due to studies and work. So...
  3. Z

    Is CS at UTS good?

    Hi so, I just completed my first semester at MAQU majoring in software. I have decided to transfer elsewhere starting in semester 2. I have gotten an offer from UWS in CS, it all way in Penrith and heard the workload is very low. I would go to UNSW but I won’t get an offer there. So, my last...
  4. Z

    CS & IT degrees worth it at UTS?

    Hi, I have been looking to transfer into a CS or IT program, how is this program compared to other unis? I have heard it is more practical which is what I like and I seem to learn more. However, the units in the CS program is different than those at UNSW etc and it is 4 years instead of 3...
  5. Z

    Struggling in S1

    I am struggling not that I get bad marks but worried for next semester as I will be doing discrete maths and next year (algorithms and data structures) my maths is basic and I have not finished HSC. I find it a bit hard to understand some stuff as it doesn't get explained clear enough (for me at...
  6. Z

    Change my Software Engineering degree or transfer to UNSW ??

    Hi, I am doing software engineering at macq university and I was thinking of changing degrees because the engineering program/units are mostly focused on mechanical and Electronics side which I am not interested in. The degrees I could change to are Bachelor of IT or Bachelor of Science majoring...