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    ASB Summer School

    How much does it cost to do a course at ASB summer school?
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    4 tutorials in one day

    I did it in the semester that just passed and also doing 4 on the same day in the coming semester...
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    actuarial exemptions

    Don't think so, I think what you mean is that if you take a double degree... (4+ years), you will be able to complete Part II exemptions assuming you have met the required conditions. If you are doing a single degree, they are introducing a "Graduate Program" which will allow you to proceed to...
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    enrolment appointment for sem 2. sem 2 class times

    Only prerequisite for ACTL1001 is MATH1151
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    ECON2206 MID SEM

    What type of questions can we expect? Similar to textbook? Proofs? No resources to go by... Thanks
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    Haha yeh I got those
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    Anyone got any past quizzes/exams for this?
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    how to change lectures times now?

    Dont go to the one that you are in... and go to the one you want to go 2
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    should i drop a class

    U still mite have time to change the course
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    Whaaaat lol

    Whaaaat lol
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    ACCT1511, ACTL1001, ECON1102, FINS1613 - hardest to easiest ?

    You can if you really want to do it (you may end up liking it and change your mind about majors.. lol), but y not get a higher mark in an easier subject ?
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    ACCT1511, ACTL1001, ECON1102, FINS1613 - hardest to easiest ?

    Take ACTL if you plan on an Actuarial major.
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    ACCT1511, ACTL1001, ECON1102, FINS1613 - hardest to easiest ?

    I have done all but ACCT1511, because its accounting... ACTL1001 is the hardest and ECON1102 and FINS1613 are about the same in my opinion (not hard compared to ACTL), BTW I didnt do HSC Economics and achieved a similar mark in both econ and fins. Source: Took these 3 last sem along with MATH1251.
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    Plugin Problem

    Hey guys thanks a lot, but I managed to find the problem. My firefox is up to date but the plugin is not yet available for this version of firefox. If anyone else has this problem, here is the site for the plugin (mac)...
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    Plugin Problem

    Well, cant view the pdf's so im guessing its missing some kind pdf reader. The vids work fine. I cant view the lecture notes/tut questions for any course with firefox. But yeh, everything works fine on safari... so its not really a big deal but i want to get it sorted.
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    Plugin Problem

    I'm having some trouble viewing resources on blackboard, anyone know which plugin for firefox you need to install on mac to fix this problem... Thanks
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    Do the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (IAA) release their past exams ?
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    How do you change your timetable?

    Go to myunsw, click on vary enrolment... select the course you want to "swap".. and change to another course :)