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  1. ball00n

    Did Chemistry screw you over as well???

    HAHA you're too funny, I did pretty bad in Chem as well, just scraped a band 6 and i felt really sad considering it's the subject I spent the most time slaving away on
  2. ball00n

    What Phone Do You Use?

    The good old iphone 4, really, if you've used an iphone, you never want to use anything else, it is no doubt has the best feel, best touch screen, best interface, best applications but it's not that beautiful, just a brick
  3. ball00n


    wait...I'm confused...are you an international student?
  4. ball00n


    OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you!! What course is it?:lol:
  5. ball00n

    UMAT Preparation

    I think the best one and the most popular one would be Medentry.It is rather useful in familiarising yourself and understanding what the test is about and you get practise questions for each sections. Personally, Medentry was particularly useful only for Section 3 which are pattern recognitions...
  6. ball00n

    UNSW Law High Achievers Reception

    I went yesterday, it was a nice event and the law building is very modern and the walls are purple! The guides and people were very helpful with questions and gave us delicious foods to eat but the best part was we got a free pen!!!! Though in all honesty i didn't get much out of it and lost...
  7. ball00n

    Laptops for Uni

    Re: Do you need a laptop for uni? okay, I was feeling excited cos I thought most people used laptops!! MACBOOK!! haha well old pen and paper = the best lol
  8. ball00n

    Laptops for Uni

    Do you need a laptop for uni? Do people use laptops in uni like instead of taking notes in class similar to highschool?
  9. ball00n

    What sorts of questions do they ask at a med interview?

    Have you had any experiences you can share with me? Do they ask really twisted questions and can you give some examples? :D thank you so much
  10. ball00n

    What did you do.....

    lol why did you smash calculators I mean caculators are expensive!! lol jokes. I went home and took a good long shower then had a good long nap. And then facebook haha :)
  11. ball00n

    General Thoughts: Music 2

    It was a relatively nice test especially the essay question but FAR OUT!! the melodic dictation was in bass cleff!! And that was pretty bad for me cos I'm bass cleff deaf. I love how the questions were more subjective like "how is tension created?" etc haha well its only 35% of the whole thing :D
  12. ball00n

    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    YES!! the first question was so vague it said "modelled a process" and I could not think of what the process was, the option was heaps difficult and I too hope that it scales up, i am praying. And the calculations!!! the titration had so many dilution parts I got confused and left it out
  13. ball00n

    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    Re: Chem How HARD!! sorry for asking this but what is the entire paper out of? is out of 100? - so multiple choice 20, section I 50?? ehh i never counted. The test was so so difficult, I feel depressed
  14. ball00n

    Whoever estimates my atar and gets closest, will get a $20 itunes gift card :)

    I reckon you are underestimating yourself - you have good ranks, large cohort. What's the ranking of your school about? Atar Estimate: 95.75
  15. ball00n

    Romanticism: Creative

    I didn't write the creative all in 1st person, I used both 3rd and 1st person in like a dual narrative perspective thing - maybe got a little confusing. But if you wrote in 3rd person, I'm sure it's fine. Also, did you start with the quote they gave us? lol i didn't ps this is irrelevant but...
  16. ball00n

    Generic Questions are Generic

    holy crap. state ranking!!
  17. ball00n

    General Thoughts: EE1

    I thought Romanticism was alright but I didn't really like the essay question as I thought it was difficult how it asked you to evaluate like textual form and didn't expect it to be centred on the imagination again! Wow you guys used so many related texts! I only included one so pretty much...
  18. ball00n

    Generic Questions are Generic

    I did not find the questions easy at all though they weren't nasty, for Romanticism, i did not include much textual form manipulation and literally, i hate to say this, bullshitted through my essay. But I'm glad it is over. The creative was alright but like you guys said, I am now uncertain at...
  19. ball00n

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    thanks!!! you're the best! (and I think I got that answer)
  20. ball00n

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    for 7a) sorry to be annoying but how did you guys get this part? pi^ (2/2-2pi) lol i doubt anyone will bother answering this haha I'll just go check terry lee when he finishes his solution :D