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  1. treeflower

    IPT project management notes

    these are my watered-down notes for the IPT project management topic! i hope that this is somewhat helpful. best of luck to you in your exams :)
  2. treeflower

    IPT information systems and databases notes

    here are my very watered-down notes on the information systems and databases topic! (i apologise for the wild examples in this one but i hope that they make sense ?? haha) i hope that this is somewhat helpful! best of luck future IPT classes :)
  3. treeflower

    IPT communication & TPS notes

    these are my really watered-down communication and TPS notes (sorry they're both lumped together because that's how my school did it in assessments) hope this can be somewhat helpful! good luck future IPT classes :)
  4. treeflower

    IPT multimedia notes (from 2023)

    here are my really watered-down multimedia notes that i took during my hsc! i hope that this can be somewhat helpful. good luck future IPT classes :)